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Best Reddit Cryptocurrency Subs to Join

Reddit existed long before cryptocurrencies became mainstream, but platforms are almost synonymous with crypto.

Best Reddit Cryptocurrency Subs to Join iBase Trading.
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Reddit existed long before cryptocurrencies became mainstream, but platforms are almost synonymous with crypto.

Reddit has hundreds of communities focused on different aspects of cryptocurrencies. In particular, most of these communities discuss and review a variety of topics related to decentralized finance (DeFi), initial coin offerings (ICOs), decentralized exchanges (DEX), NFTs, Metaverse, and more.


The multi-dynamic nature of the platform allows members to fluently search different motifs and learn about what they presumably did not know. In addition, the medium is designed to enable constituents to browse a variety of subreddits definitive to their particular area of interest.

This composition lists some of the finest Reddit spots and explains why they’re the smart choice, anyhow of your status of skills. This composition lists some of the finest Reddit sites that establish why they are the top choice, regardless of your level of expertise.

How does Reddit work?

Unlike most other community discussion forums, Reddit has great features that make open sharing attractive and effective. In particular, if an individual or corporate organization creates a subreddit page, you can publish your post to share and discuss with others.

After a post is published, both followers and non-followers can leave comments and interact with each other in the comment area. When someone posts a comment, others involved have their own comment as a thread, and anyone can read it. Similar to other features are available if the user chooses not to care about other people’s posts and comments. The Agree / Disagree button, Reward, Share, Save, Hide, and Report buttons are all features that you can use based on your opinion on the post.

Why Reddit?

There are multiple explanations why Reddit stands out from other community-centric social forums. But the most obvious is its excellent feedback system. In addition to this, it also provides support for various file types. Videos, photos, links, texts, images.

What is the Best Crypto Reddit Site?


Binance is the community behind Binance Exchange and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the hosting blockchain for hundreds of crypto programs. The Binance Reddit site, on the other hand, is witnessed for posting news content and current updates on exchange platforms and blockchains. Further information on this page includes, but does not limit to, launchpad information. Currently, the Binance Reddit page has well over 700,000 subscribers.


Cryptocurrencies are at the head of the list because they are experts in creating supreme quality content created by largely professed crypto specialists. Given the nature of the crypto world, it is volatile and flooded with various crypto projects. It is also essential to join a group that has access to highly scrutinized market knowledge.


Most of the existing crypto projects are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, you will receive the latest communications and reviews on multiple cryptocurrencies by joining this page. There are four major classification or discussion groups here. Top posts, new posts, ho posts, controversial posts. However, controversial posts are of most interest to people, as they often allow members to discuss different crypto assets.

Bitcoin beginners

With over 113,000 members, this Reddit page is perfect for anyone just starting with cryptocurrencies. The site is famous for publishing, among other things, a comprehensive article on how to start cryptography, a guide on how technology works, its future usage, and the best way to trade or invest in cryptography.

General Projects

Most crypto projects have their Reddit page, so it adds to the list. This means that interested users can search by name and go to the sub-Reddit channel. Unfortunately, as the number of crypto projects grows. So do the mediocre projects that regularly provoke negative emotions and reactions to Reddit posts. It’s up to you, the Reddit user, to decide what kind of information you consume on the go.

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