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IRA Financial’s Drained Accounts Puzzle Victims

Gemini's retirement savings were hacked on February 8. The crypto IRA firm hasn't commented, but victims believe millions were moved.

IRA Financial’s Drained Accounts Puzzle Victims iBase Trading.
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Gemini’s retirement savings were hacked on February 8. The crypto IRA firm hasn’t commented, but victims believe millions were moved.

They joined IRA Financial Trust to construct a digital nest egg. The accounts were depleted, frozen, and locked, with no explanation as to what happened next.


Uncovering an alleged security vulnerability has put the firm’s clients on edge. Because they have no explanation from IRA Financial or Gemini, the crypto exchange owned by the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler, they have begun planning a response to crypto’s newest breach.

Hundreds of users have contacted news outlets and regulators, asking how they lost potentially millions of dollars on Feb. 8, when an apparent bad actor began taking assets all together from Gemini. IRA Financial Trust is one of a few firms that use Gemini’s institutional trading and custody suite.

Incomplete details entangle the putative victims, who tell CoinDesk they are in a dangerous situation. No one knows how many accounts were compromised or who will cover the damages. Users tell CoinDesk that they get terse emails from IRA Financial and have to phone every day.

A user account named Benjamin Choe began withdrawing bitcoins, ether and dollars around 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday. One user lost 13 ETH, 1 BTC, and hundreds of dollars in minutes despite two-factor authentication and other account security measures.

IRA Financial Trust told CoinDesk in an email that suspicious behavior affected a tiny subset of our customers having accounts on the Gemini bitcoin exchange.

They are working together with third-party forensic professionals to investigate the extent and scope of this event, an IRA Financial spokeswoman informed CoinDesk.

IRA Crypto

This is one of the first high-profile crypto retirement account hacks in the US. This cottage sector has been selling products in collaboration with prominent crypto brands for a few years now. Directed IRA, for example, works with Gemini; Kingdom Trust services several competitors.

Because Gemini operates under the strictest digital asset regulatory system in the US, IRA Financial has been telling clients since 2019 that their retirement funds are safe with its institutional accounts on Gemini.

Setting up these institutional accounts, especially in the retirement market, is significantly more difficult than for retail customers. For starters, a self-directed IRA isn’t entirely yours. An IRA Financial Trust, for example, can attest to your account’s compliance with IRS laws.

That didn’t bother lucidBTC, a member of a Telegram group for Feb. 8 hack victims. He told CoinDesk he chose IRA Financial’s product because it worked with Gemini, a business he had dealt with for years.

He felt his retirement crypto was safe with Gemini, using two-factor authentication and whitelisting withdrawal addresses. IRA Financial’s comments backed that up.

Peculiar Scheme

Unauthorized withdrawals hit Gemini accounts for dozens of customers, CoinDesk reported. One user, Jacob, alleged he lost $20,000 in fiat to an account he didn’t own. Others reported losing whole bitcoin and ether coins.

IRA Financial stated it was investigating the breach and trying to retrieve payments via email. It stated it had notified cops. The corporation supplied no further details.

Also, no post-hack emails from IRA Financial.

But a statement sent to customers the morning of the hack suggests IRA Financial knew something was wrong hours before.

Chainalysis confirmed the attack involved $36 million in crypto.

Response from the Company

Gemini’s customer emails shed some light on the situation.

This finding would fault IRA Financial solely. The move would also relieve Gemini of any need to cover the damage with its own insurance policy. Gemini suggested the buyer inquire about IRA Financial’s insurance.

Last month, IRA Financial’s Bergman wrote extensively about crypto IRA insurance.

IRA Financial’s YouTube account responded harshly in the video’s comments: In a bank, only cash is FDIC insured. There is no FDIC insurance because Gemini is not a bank. Because you’ll be buying cryptos, the cash won’t sit in your Gemini account for long. Gemini, a registered and insured exchange, is a safe haven for your digital assets.

IRA Financial Trust declined to comment on its crypto insurance.

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