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India’s Crypto Traders Wasted Millions on Fraudulent Exchanges

Crypto shareholders in India are losing more than $128 million as a result of a complex phishing scheme using bogus cryptocurrency exchanges.

India’s Crypto Traders Wasted Millions on Fraudulent Exchanges iBase Trading.
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Crypto shareholders in India are losing more than $128 million as a result of a complex phishing scheme using bogus cryptocurrency exchanges. CloudSEK, a cybersecurity firm, discovers this technique. They are utilizing fraudulent URLs and Android apps.

Rahul Sasi, CEO of CloudSEK, states that a cyber-attacker robs victims of up to $128 million through similar crypto schemes.


As per the research, several of the bogus websites are impersonating CoinEgg. This is a cryptocurrency exchange base from the UK. Thus, this large-scale effort lures unsuspecting consumers into a massive gambling swindle.

The scam will be acting as the perpetrators purchasing web addresses. These are remarkably similar to the sites they wish to imitate. They then construct domains that resemble the target website aesthetically, from the backend design to the dashboard page.

Developers will then identify potential targets through social media. This is where fraudsters construct phony profiles with feminine names and profile photographs. They utilize these accounts to persuade naïve people to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies through bogus exchanges. To encourage people to join the bogus trading platforms, they will be offering a $100 credit.

According to the research, the profile also shares a $100 credit as a gift to a specific cryptocurrency exchange. Scammers will be using this scenario as a clone of a real cryptocurrency exchange. They further say that victims typically profit from the free credit. Hackers will then try to persuade customers to trade bigger sums of their own money on the site. They will perform such things in the hope of achieving even bigger results.

For Decades, Crypto Swindlers  Plagues the Industry

The victim’s wallet is restricted and they will remove the money from the network. They will e removing it as soon as the victim inputs their monies into the bogus exchange. When victims protest about missing access to their accounts, the scammers go one step further by mimicking investigators. Scammers can benefit even more by impersonating inspectors and requesting the victim for personal and banking information.

The report warns that while recovering frozen assets, authorities should be asking claimants to submit delicate information. They must have access to ID cards and bank information through email. These facts are subsequently utilized to commit more heinous crimes.

Scammers were active in the cryptocurrency market for years and are particularly active this year. Hackers breach approximately $114 million from Axie Infinity’s Ronin gateway in April. Furthermore, they were able to take $1.5M in Moonbirds NFTs via phishing attacks the previous month.

As per a tweet from CirrusNFT on Wednesday morning, the complainant lost their NFTs while clicking on a fraudulent URL that the scammer provides. Moonbirds is a compilation of nearly 10,000 cartoon-style owl PFPs over Ethereum. Shareholders have an access to the PROOF community. Thus, they also have the potential to cage their NFT owls to earn prizes and future advantages.

Phishing is a sort of social networking fraud. The perpetrators give potential victims fraudulent link networks that look to be legitimate financial transaction platforms. The victim then submits private information to the website or grants the website entry to their financial details, and the assailant takes the victim’s cash.

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