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Binance’s Third Season Incubation Program

Across five continents and in 25 countries, Binance Labs never stopped seeking out blockchain entrepreneurs, projects, and communities.

The Launch of Binance’s Third Season of Incubation Program iBase Trading.
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Across five continents and in 25 countries, Binance Labs never stopped seeking out blockchain entrepreneurs, projects, and communities.

For the same reason, to help improve and even solve some of the issues with today’s technology over the last three years. The team has been continually helping with financing, mentorship, and incubation for rising projects. At this point would help them hit their maximum capabilities and lead and support blockchain’s future.


For some of the industry’s most afflicting challenges, it is difficult to come up with a strong solution for an idea to pull through and expand. This is when incubators come in.

As a way of supporting successful businesses,  a free analytics solution built on Ethereum (ETH). Business includes Polygon (MATIC), an Ethereum scaling aggregator, and Dune Analytics. To emphasize, the Incubation Program lasted for two seasons.

The Incubation Program aims to help the future industry key players go through simpler ways of growth. According to Bill Chin, the team and mentors can also benefit from the new and innovative insights of the brilliant founders and teams.

In-depth Look of Incubation Program

Projects will comply with the eight-week timeline of the Incubation Program. Teams can make good use of the ecosystem of Binance Lab during the first weeks of the program. Moreover, the teams will be concentrating on mentorship from high-achieving companies, potential investors, and industry influencers.

The said labs provide support for projects in value-added services. That include public relations, marketing, and fundraising advice to reach intended investors through weekly fireside chat sessions with mentors and possible situations.

Key Elements of the Program

  1. 8-Week Timeline: Founders from respected companies will conduct mentoring sessions.
  2. All-in-one Services: Binance will support their every need and will have access to value-added services from advisors.
  3. Mentorship: Weekly fireside chat sessions will be done regularly.
  4. Binance Labs Demo Day: By the demo day, they can discover opportunities and, even more so, they can find interested investors.

Binance Labs will be holding a demo day to comply with the eight-week incubation program. For all the nine projects, a demo will be done and the projects will be raised. Moreover to attract partners who are willing to collaborate with them.

Binance’s Third Season

Nine incubation projects were chosen from the Fall 2021 Edition of the Binance Incubation Program. At this instant, will be the representative of the different parts of the world.

The project includes Block Ape Scissors, Tranching Protocol, Bird, Raydius, GAT Network, Mint Club, Copycat Finance, SkyArk Studio, and Wombat.

In relation to these active projects, the Binance Labs investment director, Ken Li, said that all of the incubation projects have the strengths that the labs are looking into.

Season 4 of the Incubation Program will be in March of 2022.

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