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ICPR to Correct ICP’s Shortcomings

An ICPR hard fork should reawaken investors' faith in Internet Computer's mission, adding a new chapter to the ICP network and fulfilling ICP's original promise.

ICPR To Correct The Shortcomings Of Internet Computer iBase Trading.
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An ICPR hard fork should reawaken investors’ faith in Internet Computer’s mission, adding a new chapter to the ICP network and fulfilling ICP’s original promise.

ICPR Overview

The Internet Computer was launched, and many people believed it would usher in a new era of blockchain technology. However, instead of breaking new ground, the network has come to a halt. The goal of Internet Computer is very exciting: to make smart contracts available at internet speeds.


Nonetheless, the community remains committed to the project and its goal of bringing blockchain technology to the internet. This time, the community is getting a hard fork called “Internet Computer Reboot” to the network. The ICPR cryptocurrency makes a second attempt to capitalize on the blockchain’s potential.

ICP Ultimate Goal

The Internet Computer’s ultimate goal is to make smart contracts available at internet speeds. This exciting fact also generated market hype prior to the initial coin offering (ICO). With institutional backing, a strong vision, and a sizable market capitalization, it has all the makings of a profitable project.

In May, the ICP coin’s listing price saw an initial cost of $460. After this colossal price, things have stepped down. The current pricing of the ICP coin is trading at $45 apiece. From its inclusion in the top five, it came down to 26th place of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market.

The fall in the value may have worried ICP fans and investors, but the enthusiasts on Internet Computer’s goals are not giving up. They need a hard fork to get back on track.

It is dauntless for many users to think ICP’s mission is to bring smart contracts to internet speeds. The only avenue to see this goal succeeding is the Internet Computer. So, when the Internet Computer lags in capitalization, the only way to fix things and turntables is a hard fork. It is what developers hope to achieve with the ICPR crypto.

The Internet Computer Reboot

The Internet Computer Reboot will be derived and hard forked from the original. It seems almost the same as the original one but seeks to be more successful—the ICPR developers offering greater decentralization than its predecessor.

ICPR developers call out DFINITY, the backer of the ICP. Some community developers say that the latter unfairly decked out ICP coins to exchanges than to early investors. ICPR developers promise users to obtain a more transparent network, same through with one placed on governance.

To address this, the ICP initially promised to distribute tokens to seed investors and early adopters, which the ICPR developers will do. The first round of ticket distribution will end on Thursday, and the second phase will last until late December. Following the funding, new users and investors should fund their accounts with ICPR coins.

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