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ICICB Launches World’s Fastest Blockchain Network

With the year 2021 behind us, 2022 is rapidly looking like it's going to be another year of growth and progress.

ICICB Launches World’s Fastest Blockchain Network iBase Trading.
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With 2021 behind us, 2022 is rapidly looking like it will be another year of growth and progress. The industry leader, the ICICB group, is preparing to revolutionize the sector.

This will happen with the launch of the world’s quickest blockchain. Because of that, the top networks are working on a solution.


The developers created Atari Chain and Atari Token when the ICICB organization joined with Atari’s world-renowned video game manufacturer. This is to develop the initiative at Dubai’s 2021 Blockchain Innovation Summit.

As newcomers enjoy the network’s ease of use, it is heralding in a new wave of popularity. It comes from blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The network comes with a suite of tools to make blockchain interaction easier for both users and developers.

ICICB: What About it?

The ICICB Group’s aim over the last few years has been to establish and enhance digital technology. This incorporates into everyday situations to improve productivity and sustainability.

The group is now focusing on the rapidly emerging sector of blockchain technology. It aims to revolutionize user interaction and facilitate integration with many aspects of society. These are decentralized payments, entertainment, investing, engineering, and healthcare.

The Blockchain Innovation Summit gathered industry experts in networking, business, and technology to raise awareness of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and their possibilities. Additionally, the fast-expanding Metaverse was sponsored by the ICICB Group.

ICICB is pushing things to the next level with its innovative blockchain platform. This is only the beginning of the company’s aspirations, which also involves establishing a fully working blockchain-based casino and the Metaverse network. Both will work smoothly with the system’s native decentralized cryptocurrency wallet and mobile apps.

The Luxury is a venture that will turn the IT industry into a decentralized virtual-reality platform and redesign the entire consumer interface via augmented reality (AR) and blockchain. They have received a $10 million investment from the organization.


On the whole, the ICICB Group dedicates to putting its extensive knowledge to good use. This is for its international client network of 114 investment branch offices in 26 countries. It is the mission of the company to assist with a wide range of businesses.

This is for them to build the best user-facing blockchain technology—healthcare, manufacturing, water, education, and tourism.

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