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HyperBlocks SaaS on Fantom Mainnet 

HyperBlocks, a blockchain venture capital firm specializing in proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols, is preparing to deploy a SaaS service on Fantom's first mainnet, a DAG-based smart contract platform dubbed the "consensus service platform."

HyperBlocks Rolls Out Staking-as-a-Service For Fantom Mainnet iBase Trading.
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HyperBlocks, a blockchain venture capital firm specializing in proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols, is preparing to deploy a SaaS service on Fantom’s first mainnet. It is a DAG-based smart contract platform dubbed the “consensus service platform.”

Statheros, a stable coin platform that includes partnerships with major South African banks. In addition, this will launch Fantom’s mainnet, followed by Fantom’s GoLachesis mainnet. Furthermore, it is an open-source public smart contract platform.


The GoLachesis mainnet is expected to launch before 2019 ends. The platform consists of an EVM-compatible consensus platform. Secondly, it also have custom virtual machines for distributed applications that serve as the underlying engine. This is for Fantom’s larger technology stack.

Both platforms are available to all FTM token holders. As there is a bridge between the various tokens, users can bet on any platform. In a addition, they can easily exchange their tokens for ERC20 or BEP2 FTM.

Fantom is a RAFT-like consensus provider for traditionally decentralized worlds. This is according to André Cronier in a recent post on the Fantom Medium blog. Cronier is the Technical Advisor to Fantom.

Fantom Goal

The goal was to continue to focus on achieving the best decentralized consensus available, rather than being the best blockchain available. Consensus is one of the product’s modules, and blockchain is one of them. In comparison, it’s like having modular support for EVM, NFT, or issuance, he added.

Fantom already has several projects based on its SDK, including Zar Network, a South African publicly funded project focused on stablecoins.

HyperChain Capital, the investment arm of HyperBlocks, has invested $2 million in Fantom. Moreover, it is preparing to secure Fantom’s first mainnet stablecoin. One of Africa’s leading banks issues this.

Just like Tezos and Cosmos, HyperBlocks also belongs to the top SaaS providers when it comes to high-performance proof-of-stake (PoS) networks. As such, HyperBlocks is one of the leading validators and backers of the Wax global digital asset exchange.

With the launch of the Fantom Node, Hyperblocks will launch staking as a service platform This platform is where users with a significant number of tokens can easily and safely place bets. However, this lacks the skills to manage verification nodes on the network. Michael Chen, Director of Fantom Marketing, stated,

The Fantom testnet is now active and the long-awaited scalable technology stack spans a wide range of potential applications. This includes healthcare, education, resource management, sustainability, and more.

As HyperBlocks provides security and SaaS for the first Fantom mainnet using underlying technology. At the same tine, the leading technology companies in the blockchain space complements Fantom’s Statheros and GoLachesis technologies.

What is Fantom?

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) directs Fantom. All in all, the smart contract technology stack builds on the requirements of a scalable, high-performance public infrastructure.

The platform consists of several innovations at the protocol level, including the GoLachesis smart contract platform and Statheros’ stable, co-oriented technology.

Fantom is led by a team with technical skills. Firstly, CIO Michael Kong, Technical Advisor André Cronje. Secondly, Developer Samuel Marks (https://offscale.io/). Thirdly, Maxim Prishchepo (https://sfxdx.com/). Finally, Quan Nguyen, George Samman, and Alex Campa.

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