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How Axie Will Change the World

I've always wanted to put it down in writing because I believe Axie Infinity will be a gaming and beyond mainstay.

Why Axie Infinity Will Change the World iBase Trading.
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I’ve always wanted to put it down in writing because I believe Axie Infinity will be a gaming and beyond mainstay. This essay will be that torrent of ideas. This is where I put down everything I think will contribute to Axie’s long-term success. Because there are so many subjects to discuss, this article may be longer than expected.

Axie was born in the bear market

This is a fantastic place to start since it clearly distinguishes Axie from its rivals, particularly those emerging today. Most IPOs occur during a bull market, when everything is fantastic, according to Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet’s mentor’s book on Value Investing. While this may seem apparent to some, I believe it is worth highlighting.


Easy to start an enterprise while the market is booming. People have money in their wallets, and investors are flinging money around… a new paradigm change Axie never had. When Axie began, Bitcoin was a hoax, NFTs were dumb, and the concept of play to earn was unheard of. Many projects failed during this time period, while just a handful succeeded. This implies Axie has been combating tested. Anti-fragile, according to Nassim Taleb.

Axie has an engaging community

An old Axie community member and former moderator, Artic, recently remarked something that really struck me: communities are fickle. The emotional pulse of a community is strongly tied to the value of their asset. They come for the buzz and go. Communities founded on short-term profit can never succeed. When things go wrong, they don’t have enough to keep going.

Axie’s community is unique. If you are a part of it, you know what I mean. Over 50,000 individuals have joined the Axie Discord to support the project. Whether it’s welcoming newbies and answering their questions or creating Axie fan art, we’re all here to make Axie better.

Strong communities are formed on this goal. Inclusivity is a by-product. Many Axie members use Discord to discuss non-game topics. People now come to Discord for the people; therefore, these talks still happen in the proper #Random channel. This is the key difference. Jiho says I spend more time chatting to my digital friends (from all over the globe) than I do with my actual ones. And I am sure I am not alone in this, as many others have had similar experiences. We are constructing a country. This isn’t a game.

Axie has tons of user-generated content

Beyond Discord activity, I search for user-generated material when examining a community. It’s simple to identify a vibrant community from a dormant one. New gamers are drawn to the active community’s art and videos on YouTube as well as podcasts and newsletters. Amazing Axie fan art on Twitter, Rarible, and OpenSea. People are so devoted to the game that it inspires their creativity. Consider Axie as an inspiration. It’s Axie. But the essential benefit is that user-contributed material draws new players to the game.

Axie has done no marketing. And so, it should be. Word of mouth is the finest form of marketing in a strong community. Anyone in the world may see any material posted on the internet. One look at Axie art, one watch of Cagyan’s Axie movies, or one visit to Axie Chat on Twitch may bring in new members. The greatest aspect is that it is free to do so. The creator is not charged for re-visiting their content. An essay or video may be viewed 1,000,000,000 times without any additional labor. The more material created, the more opportunities Axie has to recruit new community members at no cost to the marketing team.

Axie Infinity is on mobile

This is my favorite Axie trait. Having a mobile game is essential in today’s ever-changing gaming business. Almost any smartphone user may access Axie through its iOS and Android apps. This implies Axie is well-positioned to dominate in the mobile future since the majority of gamers use smartphones.

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