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Hex-Shaped Twitter Avatars Indicate NFTs

Twitter is the latest company to jump on the non-fungible tokens (NFT) bandwagon.

Hex-Shaped Avatars Indicate NFTs on Twitter Profiles iBase Trading.
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Twitter is the latest company to jump on the non-fungible tokens (NFT) bandwagon into NFTs if their profile photo has a distinctive hexagonal frame with an avatar.

On Thursday, Twitter introduced an innovative feature called NFT profile pictures. This allows “Twitter Blue” subscribers to showcase their NFTs as hex-shaped profile images rather than traditional profile photos.


People can learn more about the collectible by clicking on the NFT profile photos. For example, the location where it is presented.

Users cannot add an NFT profile photo to their Twitter account. Moreover, anyone will be able to link your Twitter account to your associated wallet’s public crypto wallet address. This will confirm NFT’s ownership.

NFTs in JPEG and PNG formats created on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens) can currently be added, according to Twitter.

The latest NFT profile picture function is currently accessible to members. The countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand use the iOS app. Nevertheless, regardless of which platform they choose, everybody on Twitter will be able to see the NFT profile pictures.

Twitter Blue is a $3-per-month membership service that grants users access to premium services and app modifications, including undo Tweeting and pinning discussions, among other things.

What About “Right-Clickers”?

In September 2021, Twitter announced that it would introduce a way for individuals to verify NFTs, which is currently live with the addition of the owner’s crypto wallet. However, many people wonder what is preventing them from right-clicking the NFT profile picture and storing it for future use.

A Twitter user, for example, has gone above and beyond in illustrating how to acquire an NFT profile picture-just like any other profile picture. Another user tweeted: NFT is not secure in its hexagon bubble.

This has lately become a cause of worry amongst NFT owners and creators. Digital artist Lois van Baarle claimed that her NFTs had been made available on the OpenSea marketplace in December. She added that without her permission.

Shepard Fairey, the artist who developed Barack Obama’s Hope poster for the 2008 US presidential election, released a statement. She said that a fraudster on the Rarible NFT marketplace attempted to sell his artwork as an NFT.

If a right-clicker attempts to acquire and utilize NFT without purchasing it, they will only be allowed to use the image. It will remain displayed beneath the usual circle frame. Twitter has yet to confirm NFT’s profile picture theft prevention procedures.

Twitter’s’ NFT Saga

The NFT integration by Twitter comes at a point when social media companies are experimenting with the NFT craze. For example, Facebook’s rival Meta is considering entering the NFT area.

Last year, Twitter revealed the formation of a crypto division to specialize in cryptocurrencies. This includes Bitcoin, blockchain, NFTs, and other associated technology.

In July, ex-CEO and founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, stated that Bitcoin would play a significant role in the company’s future. After that, the company added the ability for consumers to tip creators with Bitcoin.

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