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Freedom Celebration by Bitcoin 2022

Nearly a year has passed since the last one.

Freedom Celebration by Bitcoin 2022 iBase Trading.
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Nearly a year has passed since the last one. If you’re always interested in Bitcoin and the world is going crazy, it’s not that surprising that you have a warped sense of time.

I knew I wouldn’t be returning to Canada soon after leaving for Bitcoin 2021. I didn’t know what I was going to do after the conference, but I knew that because of the prevailing mentality, the quick and unchallenged rise of invasive government rules, and their foreseeable repercussions, I couldn’t go back there.


People who grew up in a stable, safe, and comfortable environment like I did are grateful for that. In late 2019, I came back to Canada after living abroad for most of my life. People might have wanted to stay after COVID-19, but the way things turned out made that very unlikely.

Freedom Convoy members peacefully demonstrated against government policies that violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as the basic right of every individual to make their own health decisions. This is very encouraging.

To be honest, I didn’t think they could do it. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. It’s apparent that many people in that country can see through the political class’s bias, lies, incompetence, and cowardice. You don’t have to be an academic, politician, philosopher, or history buff to appreciate the value of freedom for both personal and societal well-being.

There were a lot of trucks in the convoy. This was not your typical protest. This isn’t what happened, though. Instead, it looks like something truly new is coming into the world. It’s disruptive enough to get people’s attention, but it’s so overtly peaceful and united that it can better fight off mischaracterizations and win over people’s hearts and minds in the process.

The Increasingly Widespread Bitcoin Global Attitude

What you’re doing is taking a look at the real target, not the people who want to rule over you. There is an information war, and the goal is to put the truth out there in full view.

The two factions are very different in how they act and what they stand for. This creates a moral crucible that confronts onlookers, forces them to make a decision, and changes their perspective in the process.

For that, I am very grateful. I think the Canadian truckers’ methods and approaches will have a big impact for a long time to come, and I am grateful for that.

Even though I’m very happy about the recent events in Canada, the pride I feel isn’t really Canadian.

I feel the same way if people all around the world struggle for freedom, whether in Hong Kong or America.

National borders have clearly helped grow today’s world’s wonderful people, cultures, and traditions. No country has the most significant things in life, or the most vital values to follow.

Given enough time, borders have always been moving. This is even more true because of the global-minded mindset that is becoming more common today.

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