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Football Fans Deserve More Than NFTs

To begin, NFTs are non-fungible tokens. While ticket costs continue to rise, European soccer teams are promoting the dubious notion of fan participation through supporter tokens.

Football Fans Deserve More Than NFTs iBase Trading.
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NFTs are non-fungible tokens. While ticket costs continue to rise, European soccer teams are promoting the dubious notion of fan participation through supporter tokens.

Football fans have earned a better experience after spending two years away from live soccer events.


20 Clubs in the English Premier League

The English Premier League features 20 clubs, 17 of which have inked arrangements with fan token companies. As a result, tokens allow users to vote on small club topics such as the color of the manager’s scarf, according to The Daily Mail U.K. Yes, the manager’s scarf color. An issue that few, if any, true football fans care about. The Mail reported that FSA said fan token agreements seek to commercialize petty concerns that online surveys of season ticket holders might solve or put financial obstacles into genuine supporter participation.

Each token is a digital signature, and these digital certificates prove asset ownership. As the blockchain maintains the tokens, it prevents the forgery of ownership data. NFTs connect to cryptocurrencies.

NFTs are a niche market understating how important they are to the typical person. That doesn’t mean NFTs can’t revolutionize the digital landscape. Maybe. With infections, social isolation, new strains, and general fear, digital ticketing is in great demand. Or, more precisely, contactless ticketing decreases the danger of illness (no more passing documents between staff and concertgoers, football fans, etc.).

In March of last year, Burnley FC, a North West England team, partnered with YellowHeart, an NFT live event ticketing platform. The Premier League football team was the first to use blockchain technology to provide alternate tickets options.

Football Fans Demand More

While NFTs may represent the future of contactless ticketing, experts are bracing for a market meltdown. Contactless ticketing without NFTs is conceivable. Football fans demand more. Sadly, NFTs look to be a rich man’s game. A luxury many cash-strapped football fans cannot afford.

Additionally, Ape Kids Club is a fantasy realm where apes govern the metaverse, a mystery location I have mentioned previously. These are the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Things Eminem, Logan Paul, and Jimmy Fallon have spent millions on. Also, ex-Chelsea players John Terry and Ashley Cole endorsed the baby apes, as did current Chelsea left defender Reece James. These athletes are willing to pay hundreds of pounds on polarizing cartoons. They now urge fans to do the same.

Last year, Manchester City launched the one collection to commemorate winning the league (NFTs). It was the first occasion a Premier League champion dropped an NFT. While some praised the club’s efforts to engage fans digitally, others criticized the club’s exorbitant ticket costs. Lower ticket prices, especially for kids, may be a better way to engage fans. West Ham, a London-based team, also sells NFTs.

Canning Town Len made 50 animated pictures of West Ham United players last year. The NFTs were auctioned on OpenSea, a peer-to-peer NFT and crypto-collectibles marketplace. According to KUMB.com, the price of the regular adult season increased four times the current rate of inflation. The highest rise was for under-16 season tickets. Again, most fans want more affordable tickets and easier access to games.

NFTs are on demand

Of course, football fans want NFTs. Rules don’t exist in this Wild West of digitally distributed, decentralized networks. Buying a baby ape, for example, does not give you ownership of the piece. As the world of NFTs is still young, issues like piracy and other intellectual property infringement are frequent.

The ‘beautiful game’ is quickly turning ugly. Football, the putative working-class sport, seems to have lost its soul. According to The Atlantic, after Socios partnered with Crystal Palace F.C., a London-based Premier League club, fans arrived at a game with a banner saying morally bankrupt parasites Socios not welcome. Corporations are alienating the supporters who are the lifeblood of any good football club. Now it’s all about letting them eat cake. The ordinary fan wants more than pixelated apes and obscure identification codes. They require more than symbolic gestures.

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