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FCA on Binance’s UK Partnership

The financial watchdog stated that crypto-asset registration is maybe overly dangerous. The FCA has the authority to revoke or postpone it.

FCA on Binance’s UK Partnership iBase Trading.
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The financial watchdog stated that crypto-asset registration is maybe overly dangerous. The FCA has the authority to revoke or postpone it.

The Financial Conduct Authority has expressed its reservations regarding the agreement between Binance subsidiary Bifinity and financial services firm EQONEX. The authority is anxious about authorized operations in the area as a result of the deal, as per the authority. UK’s first financial watchdog is FCA.


Bifinity accepts over 50 cryptocurrencies. It includes significant coins like Bitcoin and Ether. Furthermore, it also has a prominent payment platform like Visa and Mastercard. The latest cryptocurrency payment portal enables merchants and enterprises to embrace and deliver crypto products to their clients.

Worries over BNB New Collaboration

Bifinity is a decentralized financial payments service that connects the blockchain. This is in order to recreate the traditional payment stack. In addition, to promote computer-controlled payments and the creation of open financial infrastructure, it uses a portfolio of fiat-pegged stablecoins.

Bifinity and EQONEX launched an agreement on March 7 that saw Bifinity issue a $36 million convertible debt to EQONEX.

This collaboration centers on using Digivault, an EQONEX security system. Plenty has questioned if the acquisition can go through. Moreover, Binance’s activities in the United Kingdom are limited.

FCA has indicated that Digivault is subject to money laundering restrictions. For the sake of the MLRs, people and companies affiliated with the Binance Group may have been substantial proprietors of Digivault.

With the exception of Binance Markets Limited, neither any Binance Company firm nor subsidiary holds a permit, authorization, or accreditation in the United Kingdom. This only talks about any controlled operation. Binance Market Limited is being governed by the FCA.

The financial watchdog also stated that if it deems any crypto-asset registry to be excessively dangerous, it has the authority to revoke or postpone it. As a result, if it discovers anything improper with the relationship, it has the option to terminate it.

The FCA Continues to Regulate the Crypto Space

The watchdog has always been vocal about the need for cryptocurrency states in the state. In fact, it lately published a review disclosing that it is investigating 50 potential cryptocurrency fraudulent practices. After collecting over 16,000 queries related to probable scams between April and September 2021, it has committed to double down on cryptocurrency scams.

The Advertising Standards Authority has been fighting relentlessly to put an end to fraudulent and deceptive crypto marketing in the UK. This is done in collaboration with the Financial Conduct Authority. Apparently, this is because of its operations which many claims to not follow AML rules. Because of this, it had to discontinue functioning in Israel lately.

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