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Everything You Need to Know About Chiliz

Chiliz, or CHZ for short, is the top cryptocurrency for entertainment and sports, powering Socios.com, the world's original blockchain-based network centered on incentives and fan involvement.

Everything You Need to Know About Chiliz iBase Trading.
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Chiliz, or CHZ for short, is the top cryptocurrency for entertainment and sports, powering Socios.com, the world’s original blockchain-based network centered on incentives and fan involvement. Simply said, Chiliz is a cryptocurrency that can pay for products and services that blockchain technology underpinned and targeted at mainstream users. Fans can exchange and purchase trademarked Fan Tokens on the site, and also have the power to impact, partake in, and participate in club-focused polls and surveys.

The developers founded Malta three years ago, in the 2018 model year. The goal is to bridge the gap between active and passive fans by offering millions of sports fanatics a Fan Token. Fan Tokens functions as nothing more than a tokenized portion of power. Chiliz is one of several blockchains for gaming and eSports crowdfunding. While the announcement was formal in 2019, the Socios.com and Chiliz concepts were first developed in 2016.


Socios.com is merely a blockchain-based platform that aims to equip purchasers with the ability to obtain voting privileges and a tokenized portion of control for the teams they respect and support.

As previously mentioned, CHZ is the Chiliz project’s native utility token. The CHZ token is an ERC-20 token that runs on the platform’s Ethereum-based blockchain. One is as a medium of exchange for individuals on the network. This is in order to purchase non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, via Chiliz’s Socios fan token marketplace. In the Socios NFT ecosystem, CHZ is the only commonly acknowledged currency.

Fans who possess the currency gain entry to incredible experiences, special incentives, social interaction, gamification, and leaderboard functions. Plus a number of other enhancements planned for the 2021 model year and beyond.

Perks in Performing

Fans who hold the coin will be free to articulate themselves by voting in polls created by Socios-affiliated teams. As a result, the impact of a team’s decision-making strengthens as you acquire more Fan Tokens for every squad. As an outcome, this will serve as a semblance of encouragement for consumers to trade, buy, and collect more Non-fungible tokens.

Furthermore, performers and teams can provide extra rewards and perks to token holders. This includes team-branded products, live streaming of meet the team events, premium or VIP seating at events, gamification programs, and leaderboards. This is in order to increase their appeal and gain more support.

Non-fungible tokens are distributed through Fan Token offerings by Socios partners. The tokens are securely kept on the Socios platform’s Proof-of-Authority sidechain. Fan Token pricing and value, however, fluctuate based on the law of supply and demand as well as the appeal of the team.

Chiliz is distinct from other platforms in that it has a clearly defined commercial plan and purpose centered on fan tokens. Chiliz considers cryptocurrencies an innovative tool for its company, which is establishing fan communities. Despite the fact that NFTs and digital currencies can be utilized in a variety of ways.

This project’s emphasis has been able to draw a large number of prospective investors from all across the world. Also reducing the unpredictability that is common in the cryptocurrency industry. Chiliz is also not a crypto-based company. Chiliz is a corporation that uses cryptocurrencies as a vital mainstream technology. It aims to accomplish commercial objectives that have nothing to do with the market.

Chiliz’s current trade

Chiliz is currently trading at around 0.325993 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of around 136,723,043 dollars. Chiliz’s price has dropped 1.86% in the last 24 hours. It now ranks 63rd in the CoinMarketCap rankings with market size of 1,922,586,707 USD.

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