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Is Ethereum Still a Smart Investment?

Since the debut of the Ethereum platform's Beacon Chain for staking in December 2020, supporters have been waiting for the moment when the chain will be combined with Ethereum's mainnet.

Is Ethereum Still a Smart Investment? iBase Trading.
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Supporters have been waiting for the moment when the chain combines with Ethereum’s mainnet. This started ever since the debut of the Ethereum platform’s Beacon Chain for staking in December 2020.

This will allow the Proof of Stake agreement to become the sole method for the creation of fresh ETH. Whereas a particular timetable for the consolidation’s announcement is still pending, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin stated that they hope would merge soon.


During a podcast interview, the expert also bemoaned the transition’s continuous setbacks. Buterin says that if they want to completely accomplish that goal, they need to finish a lot of work that the completion they anticipated by now.

Buterin also spoke in detail on the parts of transformation that still need completion, the majority of which involves assessment. Most blockchain systems are being utilized by a large variety of individuals entrusting millions of dollars. For this reason, perfecting software is a must, unless someone needs to fall prey to an attack identical to the ones that have plagued the Ethereum network (ETH).

Buterin claims that, aside from checking, there are currently standard test statistics and complete executions of whatever has to occur for the merging to take place. This comprises both consensus and an execution customer, the latter of which, he claims, has certain restrictions.

The first synchronization procedure necessitates the greatest testing. Buterin went over the process of adding additional nodes to the network as well as the agreement code.

Vitalik’s Prediction

It’s worth noting that the Merge is only part of Buterin’s initial moves toward realizing his vision for Ethereum. The network may continue to evolve for the conceivable period. The executive had previously shared a roadmap on Twitter that outlined the stages following the merger. He said that the spike aims at expanding the chain’s capability by sharding and conducting some additional work prior to and beyond it.

There was the margin that consists of vertical trees, which is essentially a technique that enables chain validation faster. Then there is the purging, which involves getting the chain shorter and the code more readable. And then there was the splurging, which includes almost everything.

There were a bunch of buzzwords as well as additional enhancements throughout the pipeline which includes the ZK Snarks, EVM build-up, and proposer builder segregation. The executive ultimately agreed about all the changes as well as additional upgrades within the piping system. This might be the situation, given that Ethereum’s present greatest problems are its dependency on mining and limitations of scalability. Both of which sharding is supposed to solve.

As a result, Vitalik predicts that after the Surge stage of the transformation is over. Ethereum will indeed be large enough to become the sole transactional platform for the web or the world’s economic transactions.

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