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Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that allows users to create smart contracts.

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With a value gain of almost 330% throughout the duration of the year, Ethereum has become one of the best achievers amongst the top digital currencies in 2021. ETH’s value plummeted by almost 70% in January 2022, after hitting a record high of $4,847 in early November 2021.

Is Ethereum Set To Hit $7k?

Despite ETH’s huge ROI and steady trajectory, the recent plunge disproved several ambitious price projections regarding its potential. As the whole cryptocurrency market plunged underneath the $1.5 trillion thresholds on January 24, the chances of a massive climb to a new ATH looked to vanish. Such aspirations were suddenly renewed, according to Finder’s estimate of an Ethereum year-end value near around $7000.


Ethereum’s value, like other cryptocurrencies, appears to be bottoming out at the start of the year, around $3673. Ethereum’s 2022 trend looks to be mostly negative for the time being, also with currency currently valued at $2,919 at the time of writing.

Following the rapid decrease, Ethereum’s value, as per prediction, will exceed $7,609 this year. As per a panel of 33 crypto specialists assembled by Australian Fintech Finder, eventually concluding the year at about $6,500.

Surprisingly, the company’s most current forecasts for 2025 and 2030 were 30% and 48% shorter, correspondingly, than its expectations from October of last year. The committee anticipated that Ethereum’s value would reach $10,810 by 2025 and $26,338 by 2030.

In addition, 79% of the experts predict that Ethereum’s switch to a proof-of-stake structure will lead to a price increase. The 11% anticipate that it will lead to a price decrease owing to continuously high gas prices and scalability issues.

The Future of ETH

If the Finder panel is right, ETH’s value will have risen by about 100% over the course of both years. Contrarily, long-term forecasts predicted a December 2022 value of $2721 — a price that would have been far too low. This might be because of ETH’s short-term productivity and great connection with BTC, causing ETH to decline whenever BTC drops. At the time of publishing, the cost of ETH had dropped 5% for the week, whereas the cost of BTC was still only under 2%.

And for the moment, with ETH’s future unknown, it looks that the cryptocurrency’s value will remain to stabilize in the short term. The $7K price prediction somehow doesn’t appear to be much further, considering Ethereum’s system expansion.

Ethereum’s protracted development looks undisturbed, even as the hash rate keeps rising, hitting new all-time highs. This is representing a staggering 240% increase ever since the beginning of 2021.

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