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Esports Crypto Streaming Profits from Bandwidth

One of the most serious criticisms leveled against most cryptocurrencies is that, aside from speculation, they offer few real-world benefits.

Esports Crypto Streaming Service Profits From Bandwidth iBase Trading.
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One of the most serious criticisms leveled against most cryptocurrencies is that, aside from speculation, they offer few real-world benefits.

The blockchain project that underpins the digital token Theta supports a peer-to-peer video streaming network that compensates many of its 1 million monthly users in return for spare bandwidth. According to data from CoinMarketCap.com, Theta’s market value has risen more than 300 percent this year, putting it among the top 20 digital currencies.


Sony Group Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. are among the companies that have backed the project. It was created by an esports live-streaming startup. Stake coins, a method used to help authenticate transactions that build new blocks in blockchain networks, are also employed by investors like Sony. They are rewarded in the form of a secondary token known as TFuel, which has grown in value to almost $2 billion.

THETA as a good investment

The [Theta] token, which has equity ownership, retains money, and serves as a validator of transactions, is up 100x or more from the time of investment, according to Samuel Harrison, the managing partner at Blockchain.com Ventures. Theta was trading for 4 cents just over a year ago. It’s currently approximately $6.

Users of the Theta network can share their bandwidth with others and earn Tfuel tokens in addition to watching video-gaming live streams and movies from MGM.

In an interview, Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs Inc., stated. In developing nations, the fact that a heavy watcher might earn $5-$10 per month is noteworthy. That’s enough to cover half of a Netflix subscription. The average Theta.tv user watches for roughly 63 minutes each day, according to the site.

Theta’s audience has been consistent for years, according to Liu, despite the fact that it isn’t growing.  It is a strategic move not to compete with YouTube. Among the company’s mentors are YouTube and Twitch co-founders.

Instead, the corporation is broadening its range of services. It’s also dabbled in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are often digital art that’s recorded on the blockchain. Katy Perry, the singer, announced last week that she will make NFTs of her performances available on the network and will invest an undisclosed amount of money in the startup. Theta Labs has also established a decentralized exchange in the hopes of attracting more decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, which allow users to borrow, lend, and trade with one another.

Both Compound and Uniswap, two of the most popular DeFi apps, can run on Theta without any code changes, according to Liu, referring to two of the most popular DeFi apps that both launched on a competitor blockchain, Ethereum.

Theta vs. other cryptos

Unlike many other popular crypto projects like Bitcoin, is still very centralized. Theta Labs controls approximately half of the 16 primary validator nodes that generate blocks. However, anyone can build up thousands of so-called Guardian nodes. It monitor whether transactions have been correctly completed and finalize blocks. Theta Labs has 20% of the total Theta supply as well as an undetermined number of TFuel tokens.

Silver. tv. had a few million members in Brazil and Eastern Europe on its streaming service. However, it discovered that getting video to those areas was expensive and the video quality was bad. As a result, Sliver. tv changed to leveraging blockchain for video transmission and staged a private token sale in late 2017 to raise $20 million for Theta Labs, a subsidiary of Sliver. tv.

In the video category, it has a lot of competitors, including VideoCoin and Livepeer. Tron, a cryptocurrency owns BitTorrent, a file-sharing software commonly used for video.

Theta price has essentially matched Bitcoin, with no dramatic ups or downs. The technical information is adequate but not overpowering.

However, Theta’s equity investors, such as DHVC, are believers, not speculators.

In an interview, Ali Farahanchi, a partner of DHVC, stated that It’s not just a financial motivation or aim; we’re truly creating a new ecosystem. When streamers provide their computing time to the network, it creates a new way of doing business. This is an example of decentralized streaming. It’s only the beginning.

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