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BMW Rumored Partnership With Enjin

BMW, a German automobile manufacturer, is said to have partnered with blockchain gaming platform Enjin.

BMW Rumored Partnership With Enjin iBase Trading.
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BMW, a German automobile manufacturer, is said to have partnered with blockchain gaming platform Enjin. According to a South Korean tech blog, the upcoming BMW Vantage app will include the ENJ token. As a reward for completing various tasks, users will be able to earn BMW Coin, which can then be exchanged for Enjin.

Customers do not need to own a BMW car to use the app, though car ownership does provide some advantages. BMW Coin, for example, will be used to pay for gas or parking fees. There are various types of rewards for dining and shopping, similar to air miles.


A beta version of the BMW Vantage app constantly improves. So, according to Gamers.io, vehicle dealers and staff members have already developed an android application. It’s unclear whether Enjin will be helpful in the BMW app or simply a mechanism to cash out.

Enjin could use some good news.

Although Enjin recently organized a fun treasure hunt across various games in their ecosystem, the blockchain gaming project is not without issues. Recent Ethereum blockchain gas prices make proper gameplay difficult. Dissolution departed from Enjin and announced their own layer-2 solution, while The Six Dragons devised a different solution involving off-chain gameplay.

Fortunately, some good news is also coming from their headquarters. First and foremost, the platform recently announced the launch of the first NFT Awards. Furthermore, games such as Age of Rust, Space Misfits, 9Lives Arena, and Lost Relics are still in the works. Simultaneously, Enjin is developing a scaling solution known as Efinity.

Explanation about the Enjin Multiverse

Enjin is a blockchain-based platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It encourages interoperability between games, thereby creating a metaverse. Games that use the Enjin Platform frequently help each other out with in-game assets. Gamers, for example, can use the same weapon in multiple games.

This is beneficial to everyone, not just gamers. Developers can use this technology as a form of advertisement. They can appeal to a particular community by using assets from a specific game. To reach out to a broader audience, an original author of a role-playing game could incorporate elements from games like The Six Dragons.

Each goalkeeper needs to log into the game and generate their own Enjin wallet. This cryptographic boarding pass contains the player’s bits and bobs, which then identify the player by various games. When you already have certain digital assets in your wallet, you can get exclusive clothing, entirely separate connections directly, and more.

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