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Earn Passive Bitcoin Yield Through Stack

There is a new way for institutional investors to get 20% higher Bitcoin yields.

Earn Passive Bitcoin Yield Through Stack iBase Trading.
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There is a new way for institutional investors to get 20% higher Bitcoin yields.

Also known as FPG or Floating-Point Group focuses on digital asset market opportunities and services for users who hold Stack (STX) tokens and blockchain tokens to enable institutional and OTC trading tables to generate passive income on passive income Denominator STX with its capital market infrastructure company. It is a precious digital asset in BTC. We were the first delegated partners to offer institutional clients the opportunity to participate in the stack. Institutions have tried to raise Bitcoin’s position with less risk as the price continues to hover around $10,000. They are discovering that Bitcoin and other digital assets can be productive assets that generate additional revenue through the use of the network and tokens.


According to a partner and head of trading at AUM, the only way to get your money back in Bitcoin is by mining it. He also owns tens of billions of dollars in AUM, which is also an FPG customer. However, mining is unrealistic for institutional investors. You can’t compete unless you sit with a supercomputer in a place where electricity is cheap. This is unrealistic for most people, he said. In the fast-changing world of digital assets, innovation happens every minute.

STX’s Current Market Cap is $1.2 Billion

You can buy or mine tokens on OKCoin, the US exchange that supports STX. When you buy STX from a business, you need to keep it in a dedicated wallet to participate in the stack. She said this is where partnerships are essential, referring to the collaboration between Stacks and FPG.

STX, which currently trades at $1.15, will be blocked every two weeks. This will enable a return of 7 to 20%. Investors need 80,000 STX to participate in the rewards in the current cycle. As participation increases, the minimum investment also required increases. The minimum is variable as it is a percentage of the token circulation supply. The concept of blocking cryptocurrency from a proof network to receive a reward is staking. And often, users may have to forgo their investment due to shrinkage when a validator loses part of their stake due to protocol violations.

The asset mentioned above manager, who wished to remain anonymous in this article, stated that as someone interested in Bitcoin technology but not technically savvy, the possibilities of stacking fascinate him. Also, floating-point groups allow him to work within his comfort zone. If you look at a few screens at the agency level, see the best price, and call someone, he said, you will be executed.

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