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Dogecoin Foundation EU Registered

Ever since the beginning of 2021, Dogecoin's value and reputation have skyrocketed.

Dogecoin Foundation EU Registered iBase Trading.
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Ever since the beginning of 2021, Dogecoin’s value and reputation have skyrocketed.

DogeCash, the UnderDog, as well as Doge Token, are just a few of the canine-themed crypto tokens. All these have sprung out in response to Dogecoin’s sudden popularity. DOGE’s cost crested in May at $0.68, as per CoinGecko.


This is prior to actually losing more than 73% of its worth throughout the next two months to touch a bottom of $0.18. DOGE is presently trading at $0.30 after increasing over 50% in August.

News from the Dogecoin Foundation

The foundation initiated an attack on persons not connected to Dogecoin. According to board member Jens Wiechers, they file the identities for the purposes of crime and blackmail.

Last Wednesday, the Dogecoin Foundation stated on Twitter that Doge or Dogecoin had already been officially registered. In the European Union, it registered its emblems as brand names. They issued the certification in question on January 13, 2022.

Jens Wiechers, a representative of the Dogecoin Foundation’s executive committee, stated in the tweet comment stream that the issue isn’t memes. Rather, it is the attempts by individuals who aren’t associated with Dogecoin to enroll them. This only makes perception when they want to extract money from the public or the Dogecoin endeavor, devs, or foundation straight.

The Dogecoin Foundation has had various concerns with the usage of its name and graphics since its rebirth in August. It’s owing to the reality that when the organization was founded in 2014, it did not request trademark rights.

The DOGE Foundation Statement

The DOGE Foundation has recently made the decision to make a public statement. This is to distinguish them from a new copycat project named Dogecoin 2.0. This already has received legal requests to modify its identity.

The Dogecoin Foundation claims in a letter released on Tuesday that it has hired brand protection attorneys. The Patent and Trademark Office was up against a half-dozen other coins. At least 100 coins not affiliated with the DOGE Foundation have been utilizing the Dogecoin moniker.

Some other evident result of the disagreement over the cryptocurrency’s name is Ross Nicoll’s departure as a foundation chairman. On Feb. 16, Nicoll announced his choice on his blog, writing that the foundation is working in an incredibly hard atmosphere in which the pressure associated is tremendous.

Several entities were seeking trademarks for DOGE, as per Nicoll. Somebody stated they were accountable for their finances. They also filed a lawsuit against the developers in the summer of 2021.

Nicoll also alluded to a potential clash of intrigue at his daily work at Alphabet as a software developer. He is still an adviser at the charity. Nicoll informed core supporters of his plans about a year ago. As per the Dogecoin Foundation, it has been helpful throughout the re-establishment of such Dogecoin Foundation with his retirement in view.

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