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DeFi Fraud Increases by 600%

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an automated, blockchain-based computer programming method for banking and finance.

DeFi Fraud Increases 600% Over 2020, Exceeding $10.5 Billion iBase Trading.
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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an automated, blockchain-based computer programming method for banking and finance. It provides faster and cheaper cryptocurrency transactions globally without the need for a financial institution, credit inquiry, or credit officer.

Elliptic, a cryptocurrency risk management firm, published a report stating that DeFi investment fraud and theft surpassed $10.5 billion this year. This has a gain of an almost 600% increase from 2020. At present, there are more than $106 billion in resources that are on hold by different DeFi offerings. This data has increased from $12.4 billion with last year’s investment.


DeFi’s Flaws

According to the Elliptic report, the main vulnerabilities in DeFi were software design flaws. This led to software bugs that hackers exploit. The blatant theft of “trusted” founders and developers, who in fact are cryptographers.

Elliptic chief scientist, Tom Robinson, stated in an official statement that decentralized applications are designed to be unreliable. It is for this reason that they preclude third-party control over user funds. Having said that, the credit should still be with the developers. It is considered that these people created the coding or design that could avoid the loss of assets.

DeFi is Not Unique in Risk Exposure

Since DeFi and cryptocurrencies are still starting to appear as an individual, it should not be classified as vulnerable to scams.

Until this month, the total cumulative fraud losses in 2020 had risen to $56 billion. On top of that, its identity fraud data reached $43 billion. This report was from the Federal Reserve’s San Francisco branch on its website. A report is cited from Javelin Research.

Repeatedly, the undergoing threats that DeFi’s been struggling with aren’t new to the market.

Robinson stated that the users might experience risks since the experimental stage is still in effect. People avoids some hazardous events as technology develops and better regulated. Some of this is the decrease in its losses that will make DeFi a viable alternative to banks, asset managers, and exchanges that numerous people rely on today.

Defensive Steps to Take

Decentralized Finance focuses on making its users responsible for their own money. Some of these are common-sense steps that can assist users in making decisions before taking action.

  • Make sure to only consider projects with incremental updates and development roadmaps that have been validated and published
  • Track down some DeFi schemes that focus on a regular run of “bug bounties”. Some of it also rewards third-party programmers and “good guy” hackers for testing your computer code to protect it from real threats.
  • Only entrust the project to founders who have a good reputation in various companies and have worked in the crypto space for a long time.
  • Invest only according to your knowledge. If you don’t understand liquidity pools, market makers, returns, or other factors in DeFi, do not hesitate to pause until you do.

Hundreds of platforms globally are available to provide access to countless cryptocurrencies. And, to find the one that’s right for you, you need to decide what’s most important to you.

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