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Decred Announces First Zero-Fees DEX

Decred is striving to deliver a much more user-friendly alternative with a secure, affordable, and interoperable option. DCRDEX, as decentralized exchanges are becoming more prominent.

Decred Announces First Zero-Fees DEX iBase Trading.
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Decred is striving to deliver a much more user-friendly alternative with a secure, affordable, and interoperable option. DCRDEX, as decentralized exchanges are becoming more prominent.

Decred is the blockchain designed with decentralized administration in mind. It has unveiled the debut of DCRDEX. This is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange constructed with the goal of being as user-friendly as feasible. Decred’s DCRDEX is built on the blockchain. It has the exception of conventional exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Thus, there is no need for a third party to intervene in customers’ transactions.


In an official news statement, the Decred crew also stated that, unlike other decentralized exchanges, DCRDEX permits interoperability across many blockchains as far as they accept atomic exchanges.

Atomic swaps are indeed a type of token trading. This takes place between two blockchains without the need of a 3rd person. This functionality isn’t available on all blockchains yet. Users swap tokens that operate on the same blockchain are mostly on cryptocurrency exchanges. It includes ERC20 on Ethereum or TRC20 on TRON. These are usually running on a singular blockchain, which typically is the Ethereum.

DCRDEX will be Accepting other Coins

For the time being, DCRDEX will be accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, as well as the Decred blockchain’s native currency. The atomic swaps involving Bitcoin and Litecoin were the earliest in history. Despite the fact that the feature has not yet been widely accepted, additional services are using it as time goes on. The innovative DCRDEX, as per Decred, has significant advantages over current-controlled and decentralized exchanges.

It is far safer for both users and organizations. It does not demand any sort of KYC process. They ensure a completely confidential operation. Those who maintain the platform engaged with their servers will prevent a potential BitMEX event. It is because the network’s decentralization helps make it unfeasible to ascertain straightforward accountability that the authorities want to shut it down.

It is also virtually entirely free of cost. DCRDEX takes pleasure in the fact that it does not charge any fees for trades, deposits, or withdrawals. This simplifies trading procedures and increases the platform’s appeal to market makers. There is a minor registration charge that has been charged in order to avoid abuse and spam.

It also allows for the real-time and transparent deal, fund, and market volume confirmation. It also claims to be considerably simpler to run than a typical DEX. This process will eliminate manipulative, harmful trading behaviors by adopting first-in-first-out methods in high-frequency trade.

The Decred Ecosystem is Growing

The platform is currently live, and anyone eager in running a server can do so. Users can download the program’s installers for Windows, macOS, or Linux first from the firm’s official site. Given that decentralized exchanges expanded at a quicker rate than centralized systems in Q3 2020, DCRDEX is attempting to tick all the boxes to ensure a successful opening and strong development.

For the time being, Decred has reacted positively to the news, raising its price by around 2% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin’s gravitational surge is pulling it, yet, DCRDEX is still recognizing it. They exceeded annual highs when PayPal declared that it would extend support for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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