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Dash Partners Enable Sale Purchases Worldwide

Dash, the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has partnered with BlockPay, a digital payments network, to allow customers to pay for goods with Dash directly from the seller.

Dash Partners with BlockPay to Enable Sale Purchases in 36 Countries. iBase Trading.
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Dash, the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has partnered with BlockPay, a digital payments network. This is to allow customers to pay for goods with Dash directly from the seller.

It permits Point of Sale transactions at no cost to the merchant and extremely low fees for the consumer. BlockPay, based in Munich, is becoming increasingly popular internationally, notably in Europe and Latin America.


With this collaboration, Dash joins a number of other popular cryptocurrencies on the BlockPay POS platform. Cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Dash’s VP of Business Development, Daniel Diaz, stated that this cooperation helps their whole community as well as all future Dash users. It is because adoption rises in tandem with real-world applications. They discovered that BlockPay and Dash have a lot in common. In addition, they’re working together to educate people about how cryptocurrencies might be a better alternative to fiat money. People are beginning to realize that they actually have the ability to change lives.

Dash as digital cash

He went on to say that Dash is a project that has put a lot of emphasis on usability as digital cash. They want consumers to have a similar experience while transacting online and in stores. BlockPay has made significant progress in this direction. Therefore, producing software that allows brick-and-mortar businesses to accept digital currency without difficulty.

Throughout January and February, Dash’s value and trading volume skyrocketed. Dash is focusing its efforts as the network grows and expands its user. They base on giving consumers more versatility and flexibility in the way they make routine purchases. Users can purchase things from the convenience of their own home or office, as well as from hundreds of real locations.

BlockPay’s CEO and co-founder, Christoph Hering, stated that adding support for Dash was not a tough decision. He explained that they included Dash because they saw a lot of potential in the Dash community and the underlying scalability technology. From a consumer standpoint, Bitcoin currently has a major issue.

The Dash Network advantages

He went on to say that Bitcoin’s poor transaction speed, hefty transaction fees, and speculative nature make it unappealing for everyday use. When examining the altcoin ecosystem, many face issues. Issues such as low user adoption, excessive volatility, and a lack of commercial focus. The Dash Network, in my opinion, is unique because it has a vibrant and engaged community. It is a fantastic worker system that funds growth and marketing, and an active development team that is developing the proper tools for broad adoption.

BlockPay is one of the fastest-growing digital currency point-of-sale platforms. It has a global Ambassador team of over 50 people in 36 countries.

Each representative is striving to ensure that the platform is implemented in hundreds of businesses. Examples are, convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, hotels, and e-commerce businesses. Loyalty Points, 44 languages, targeted advertising, eReceipts, custom integrations, and, shortly, staff tracking, tipping, and C-IPFS/meshnet will all be supported by BlockPay.

By scanning a QR code or tapping their phone on the NFC-Terminal, Dash users can pay at BlockPay terminals. It only takes a few seconds to complete the payment and settlement process.

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