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Dash Launches Payment App: More Locations than BTC

Dash, the electronic cash cryptocurrency, has launched a new payment app that allows users to deal with over 155,000 vendors and over 125 online stores on a daily basis.

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Dash, the electronic cash cryptocurrency, has launched a new payment app that allows users to deal with over 155,000 vendors and over 125 online stores on a daily basis. In comparison to Bitcoin (BTC), these early Dash business agreements represent seven times the number of in-store merchant locations globally.

Bitcoin is famous as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It is recognized in 22,883 locations globally, as per the CoinMap.org merchant database.


A slew of large American retailers have endorsed the DashDirect app. Moreover, many already offering a 12 percent discount for purchases made through the virtual currency app. This is a huge step forward for cryptocurrency acceptance.

DashDirect Payment App

According to Mark Mason, Dash’s Business Relations Director, DashDirect is indeed a game-changer regarding cryptocurrency transactions, user behavior, and retailer participation within the United States.

Major tech companies like Best Buy and GameStop are among the merchants on the list.  National DIY supply stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Staples are also on the list. In addition to this are other well-known brands include the restaurant companies Chili’s, Chipotle, and Subway.

Customer-focused DashDirect was established by CrayPay. It is an Arizona-based fintech startup associated with Dash Core Group. Moreover, it is the result of significant investments from the Dash Investment Foundation.

Accordingly, DashDirect co-founder Marshall Greenwald made it clear that this enables customers to utilize crypto for daily expenses as conveniently as they use USD. Moreover, it will give additional safety of decentralized cash and the value-added of a 5% average net worth due to Dash’s effective, low-cost transactions and DashDirect’s distinctive merchant system.

Coupons are a key part of the newest software. There are plans to expand and improve the discount program as the customer population grows.

Mark Mason of Dash showed how well the staking function may fund day-to-day expenses in a natural way. More emphasis on the prospective savings of cryptocurrencies versus conventional fiat currencies for household consumption.

Mason claims that he himself stakes his Dash investments for a 6.57% return and uses the newer Dash he earned through block-rewards with DashDirect for daily buying requirements like shopping via InstaCart and fast-food desires via DoorDash.

DashDirect: not a janitorial service

DashDirect links to customers’ official Dash wallets. It allows them to have complete responsibility and influence over their crypto assets.

Dash is the nation’s top decentralized payment option. It has over 3,300 ATMs as well as 100 exchanges around the globe accepting dash.

Dash touts itself as being a cryptocurrency competitor to Bitcoin. It has quicker network processing speed and a unique lock-in mechanism that prohibits double-spending.

Xcoin’s creation as a hard fork was in 2014. A new edition of a complete server node user acknowledges blocks that prior versions would have refused as invalid. This is based on Bitcoin’s original code, with modifications to address identified flaws.

InstantSend (Instantx)

A transaction lock-in mechanism works instantaneously by blocking the transaction value even before block verification completes across the network.

The coin immediately changed to DarkCoin in order to integrate a revolutionary security component known as DarkSend. It since changed to PrivateSend.

Indeed, confidentiality enhances by hiding funds via a conjoin mixing mechanism. It combines numerous transactions from various participants into a single packaged transaction just on the blockchain.

The cryptocurrency, which became Dash in 2015, has skyrocketed in popularity in Venezuela. It is where it has previously had a payment relationship with the Spend smartphone application.

At the time of publication, Dash traded at $145, with a market value of $1.48 billion.

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