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Dash Thailand Co-founder: Dash is Not Dead

Dash, which was previously one of the five most prominent cryptocurrencies with a market valuation of $11.5 billion, may find itself unable to finance community programs or pay employee compensation.

Dash is Not Dead, Says Co-founder of Dash Thailand iBase Trading.
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Dash, which was previously one of the five most prominent cryptocurrencies with a market valuation of $11.5 billion, may find itself unable to finance community programs or pay employee compensation.

It was one of the key reasons why the Dash community wanted Ryan Taylor, the company’s CEO, fired.


DASH insufficient funding

The reality remains that there have been 6,176 Dash in the allocation. DCG, the Dash Core Group, has monthly expenses of around $500,000.

At the time of writing, Dash is now the 59th most popular online asset, with a price of $174.86.

Others worry that even if the price falls below $80, there will be insufficient funding for various community programs. Moreover, insufficient fund to pay the salaries and wages of the DCG workers.

Dash is the world’s first decentralized autonomous organization, operating and financing operations groups since 2014. The Dash Dao is based on democratic precepts such as transparent discourse and the right to vote through Masternode ownership and control. Vibrant conversations are a part of that practice. The belief is that having those dialogues is beneficial to each and every society at large.

These figures are difficult to verify, owing to the fact that the various Dash-funded organizations operate in a totally decentralized fashion.

They went on to say that Dash was among the most effective and decentralized payment currencies they had ever seen. They’ve done an excellent job of expanding the cryptocurrency transaction environment.

Crypto as payment: an accepted norm

In reality, co-founder of Dash Thailand, Felix Mago says he is pleased to see an increasing number of individuals throughout the world using cryptocurrency to make payments. This will eventually become the accepted norm. Owing to the fact that more and more large corporations are beginning to embrace cryptocurrency. Payment coins like Dash are thought to have a lot of potential for investors. Nobody here, however, possesses a crystal ball.

Mago further discussed the situation in El Salvador. It is where Bitcoin was unanimously implemented as legal cash. He emphasized that Dash was extensively acknowledged in Latin America and certain Asian nations despite the fact that it was not a legal tender. Mago would want to see more countries change their minds about cryptocurrency. However, this is contingent on local regulators and difficult government choices. He further believes that other states will follow El Salvador’s lead.

In Thailand, Mago stated Dash competes with Bitcoin Cash, which is now the most widely acknowledged cryptocurrency. In what seems like a blog post, Ryan Taylor, CEO of the Dash Core Group, echoed Mago’s thoughts. They feel they are seeing a dramatic deterioration in market confidence across the board.

Loss of Trust in Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV

Magno believes that the latest fork in Bitcoin Cash, as well as Bitcoin SV, has sparked a fresh wave of distrust. This is particularly true in light of the accompanying hash war, which has thrown serious FUD over the idea of blockchain resilience.

The consequent loss of trust is widespread and profound across the market. DCG will not be closing down at some point, nor will it be making any big staffing layoffs in the near future. They have such a large reserve in position to absorb the effect of a market bottom whenever that may occur.

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