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Darkcoin to Dash: 5-Year Battle

Dash was one of the first companies to implement privacy elements. It still can't shake its alleged link to illegal conduct half a century ago.

Darkcoin to Dash: 5-Year Battle iBase Trading.
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Dash was one of the first companies to implement privacy elements. It still can’t shake its alleged link to illegal conduct half a century ago.

Darkcoin is the Shadowy Cousin of Bitcoin that is thriving which appeared in Wired in the spring of 2014. This was about a nascent anonymity coin that was trading for almost $7 at the time.


When the network’s DarkSend was published, the origins of the privacy coin tag could be traced back to that time. In the interim, the name of PrivateSend has changed. They discovered in Dash’s desktop wallet the brand name for such a CoinJoin execution.

PrivateSend is a procedure that consumers can utilize before a transaction to mix up wallet holdings. This will make it impossible for an outside spectator to pinpoint the origin of financing.

Dash, the new name for Darkcoin

Though this was the initial coin to implement CoinJoin mixing, its developers claim it is no longer a privacy coin. As a result, after ShapeShift subsequently delisted Dash, together with privacy-first Monero and privacy-optional Zcash, the Dash network’s operating team expressed displeasure.

They’ve constantly maintained a completely transparent blockchain with full transparency of all inputs, outputs, quantities, and addresses. Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor informed Decrypt that while they are happy with CoinJoin’s execution, there is no legal justification for treating Dash separately from Bitcoin. This is because the operating mechanism is similar.

As per Dash, this hasn’t accomplished anything with privacy since then. According to Taylor, the major emphasis has switched away from optimizing for privacy and toward speed and usability. He claims that the present privacy option is sufficient to hold that nosy neighbor at bay.

Dash is attempting to establish itself as a currency that can be used on a daily basis to transact business with others. With a market valuation of $678.9 million, it is now the 29th-largest coin. Latin America is Dash’s key growth market. Burger King, for example, has integrated Bitcoin Cash as a form of alternative payment system into their systems.

That would be the brainchild of Dash’s founder, Evan Duffield, who left the firm at the start of 2017, putting it in the hands of the Dash Core Group.

The Dash system

Just on the Dash system, Taylor estimates that CoinJoin is used in around 0.2% of transactions. It is not possible to use CoinJoin and make a transaction at the same time. Despite the fact that Bitcoin users can accomplish exactly the identical thing if they utilize a service like Samurai Wallet or Wasabi Wallet. The initial privacy coin moniker has remained.

The Department of Justice Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework has contributed a factor to the ShapeShift revocation. This is according to Glenn Austin, the CFO of Dash Core Group.

The adoption of anonymity enhanced cryptocurrencies, or AECs, like Monero, Dash, as well as Zcash, by money services organizations and darknet markets, has boosted the utilization of this sort of virtual currency.

According to the study, they are using these currencies to avoid anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws. Hence, it noted that the businesses that opt to provide AEC goods must contemplate the heightened risks of laundering and the financing of criminal behavior. They should see if they can adopt AML/CFT procedures to deal with such risks.

The paper claims that Monero, Zcash, and Dash operate on non-public or private blockchains, which is incorrect. Without a question, several exchanges have weighed the dangers and determined that they are not worth it.

ShapeShift Chief Legal Officer Veronica McGregor said Decrypt previously that the business is de-risking from a legal aspect, thus the business isn’t dealing with such coins for the time being.

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