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Dapper Labs Welcomes CryptoKitties onto Flow

CryptoKitties, a popular crypto-collectibles game, will now be available on the Flow blockchain, according to the game's creators.

Dapper Labs Welcomes CryptoKitties onto Flow iBase Trading.
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CryptoKitties, a popular crypto-collectibles game, will now be available on the Flow blockchain, according to the game’s creators. Dapper Labs has announced the debut of their Flow blockchain with its popular Ethereum-based collectibles game CryptoKitties.

Dapper Labs developed the Flow blockchain to help resolve many of the company’s issues when making an appearance on Ethereum and attempting to break it — with CryptoKitties causing unprecedented congestion in the network on the Ethereum network when it went live on Mainnet.


Cadence, a new proprietary smart contract-oriented programming language for Flow designed by Dapper, is now being adequately assessed by Libra as a core component of a tech-sharing understanding between the two businesses.

Flow is a high-throughput platform, so according to Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, development teams can design apps for [non-fungible tokens] NTFS that millions of people can use.

Flow Supports Greater CryptoKitties Scalability

When a few thousand individuals start breeding CryptoKitties on Ethereum, it completely collapses and congests the network, according to Roham. Despite the challenges, Gharegozlou revealed that CryptoKitties garnered over one million members less than a month after its November 2017 launch.

In 2019, CryptoKitties had the most transaction records of any consumer decentralized Ethereum service, with over 2 million. In addition, CryptoKitties was indeed the network’s fourth-largest DApp overall, trailing only Tether (USDT) and the two largest decentralized exchanges.

CryptoKitties on Ethereum

Gharagozlou compares CryptoKitties on Flow to a Pokemon series mechanic. Users can transport their Pokemon or CryptoKitties into a new setting and play with them. Therefore, giving them access to an entirely new ball game. New features, such as animations and third-dimensional capabilities will be integrated into the game using Flow.

Despite his enthusiasm for the game’s increased throughput and new features, Dapper Labs’ CEO stressed that the company’s priority is to care for existing CryptoKitties owners, adding, therefore, he expects CryptoKitties on Ethereum will remain alongside Flow.

Nifty Marketplace Overwhelmed by Surprise CryptoKitty Launch

The unexpected release of a limited batch of 100 new CryptoKitties artist Momo Wang made last week flooded the Winklevoss-backed NFT marketplace Nifty. During the release, the collectible cats auctioned.

Within three seconds, all 100 kittens disappear, and one of them went for $10,500 on the secondary market.

Two more Momo Wang kitties hide in the CryptoKitties DNA, waiting for the community to discover. According to Gharagazlou,people figure out the recipe and start breeding their own. Thus, they will be available for purchase on the CryptoKitties marketplace.

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