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Dapper Labs COMMIT Success

Dapper Labs created CryptoKitties, the most well-known and successful blockchain game. We recently released NBA Top Shot, a fan experience built on our Flow blockchain platform, in collaboration with the NBA and NBPA.

Dapper Labs COMMIT Success iBase Trading.
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Dapper Labs created CryptoKitties, the most well-known and successful blockchain game. We recently released NBA Top Shot, a fan experience built on our Flow blockchain platform, in collaboration with the NBA and NBPA.

Dapper Labs was created in 2018 with the purpose of leveraging blockchain to deliver the benefits of decentralization to the general public. We employ 90 people worldwide, with our headquarters in Vancouver. Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and Animoca Brands are among our collaborators, and we’re working on collaborations with other major sports, music, automotive, and entertainment companies.


Most Common Challenges in Hiring Engineers

Our greatest asset is our people. Our diverse workforce thrives in a culture that encourages personal liberty and professional growth. And we prioritize our culture above all else.

Everyone at Dapper Labs has the mentality of a founder. We’re looking for people who think large, care about the company’s overall performance, and aren’t willing to sacrifice long-term value for short-term gains. Impact: We have a proclivity towards taking action.

Our efforts’ evaluation is in terms of obvious outcomes. Kaizen: We strive for perfection and are always looking for ways to improve. Curiosity: We look for other points of view and promote healthy debate. Our team is always interested in what others are doing, and we listen to and learn from colleagues, competitors, and, most importantly, consumers.

As a result, we have a very high standard for talent. We require engineers with more than simply technical experience. We require people with great product and design sensibility, who can hop into a project in the middle of development, analyze how they fit the circumstances, and create impact.

Types of Jobs Wanted

We’re seeking somebody that can work effectively with both technical and non-technical teams and deal well with ambiguity. And, while knowledge of blockchain technology is advantageous, it is not needed. Team members do effectively when they can be creative and imaginative, as well as work well both alone and as part of a team. They have hands-on design and execution expertise and can apply their knowledge to a range of scenarios. Understanding the value of preparation, as well as the capacity to improvise and prioritize the most important activities on the fly, is a crucial talent.

When we hired Commit, we had a few unfilled positions. Three different yet technically specific posts for a senior front-end developer and Commit filled two back-end developers. They completed it in a short amount of time without sacrificing talent quality.

Our growth team, in particular, needs someone who could swiftly adjust to new situations and work as part of a fast-paced environment. Commit’s Andy Vivash joined us on the first day and immediately started pushing code. He continues to deliver on time, engage with other engineers, and contribute to our team in a significant way.

We also hired Commit’s Benjamin Van Meter and Jude Zhu, who have been a great fit.

Working with Commit

Commit has been accommodating and simple to work with, as well as meeting tight hiring deadlines. But the most significant part is that Commit has taken the time to get to know our products and to fully get what a value fit for us entails. Third parties may overlook this.

Role Engineers Played in the Team

Flow and Dapper’s work is in a new realm, and we’re continuously solving difficult difficulties. On difficult topics, this needs both a high level of inventiveness and strategic thought. When needing innovative approaches, our team members can think beyond the box. All of the Commit engineers we’ve hired have checked those boxes.

The Commit engineers have worked nicely with the rest of our team on a consistent basis. They began contributing right away and have continued to deliver and push as hard as our other developers.

The Commit team worked on open-source projects before, and we were pleased by their knowledge of Golang, Kafka, and testing methodologies. They were able to swiftly grasp a sophisticated set of microservices and event-driven architecture.

Advice to Other Startups about Working with Commit

Commit is a true partner, using a unique approach to engineering talent development that allows engineers to effortlessly integrate into the most technologically advanced companies. Commit’s investment of time and effort in their staff has yielded a fruitful working environment.

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