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Crypto New Federal Board Nominees

President Joe Biden's hearing of his three candidates for the Federal Reserve Board by the United States Senate Banking Committee may have only minor implications for the future of cryptocurrency.

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President Joe Biden’s hearing of his three candidates for the Federal Reserve Board by the United States Senate Banking Committee may have only minor implications for the future of crypto.

According to a survey of web articles, the three contenders —Lisa Cook, Sarah Bloom Raskin, and Philipp Jefferson — have not stated strong thoughts about crypto.


Shift in Fed Administration

The Federal Reserve’s leadership will not change, according to Robert Baldwin of the Association for Digital Market Assets. Furthermore, he stated that the new members of the US central banks governing council might not significantly impact the direction of crypto legislation.

Both Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and Governor Lael Brainard have expressed a considerable interest in digital assets thus far. They’ve also said that CBDCs and stablecoins can coexist.

The approach would have been entirely different if the Fed’s leadership had altered. However, the process of learning new skills would have delayed current workflows and probably shifted attitudes toward digital assets in the long run, Baldwin stated.

The board of directors (Federal Reserve’s principal governing body) comprises seven members selected by the president. The Senate confirms the candidates after this nominating process.

Because crypto markets often react to Fed monetary policy choices and legislative statements, industry watchers will closely track the session.

New Federal Board Nominees for Crypto

Sarah Bloom Raskin

Biden nominated Raskin, a former Fed governor and Treasury Department deputy secretary under Obama, as vice-chairperson in charge of supervision.

Raskin would liaise directly with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission. She will work with these two entities to develop a regulatory system for crypto.

Raskin, a law professor at Duke University, is recognized for her liberal ideals, leading to harsher crypto regulation. Additionally, she has already urged authorities to take a more direct approach to climate change concerns, which may provide crypto traders with insight into her thoughts on environmentally unfriendly Bitcoin.

Dr. Lisa Cook

Cook was a part of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, specializing in economic development during President Barack Obama’s reign. She is also interested in economic disparities, particularly racial disparities in the economy.

Dr. Cook might play a significant part in steering the central bank on a path leading to greater financial inclusivity, which is among the primary objectives for the emergence of crypto.

Dr. Philip Jefferson

Jefferson, a veteran research economist at the Federal Reserve, specialized in the employment industry and problems encountered in poverty. Jefferson is renowned for his views on the significant effect of interest rate increases on low-wage people.

Moreover, with the Fed’s current emphasis on inflation, senators are likely to question Jefferson’s priorities, which will be a subject for crypto traders to keep an eye on.

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