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Crypto Market Lost $1 Trillion

There aren't enough adjectives to characterize the situation of the cryptocurrency industry since the start of the year: crash, rout, collapse.

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There aren’t enough adjectives to characterize the situation of the crypto industry since the start of the year: crash, rout, collapse. After all-time highs in early November, numerous digital currencies have slipped into free collapse.

When contrasted with November 8, the market’s worth has dropped by nearly $1 trillion. As per CoinGecko, which records the values of hundreds of tokens, the global cryptocurrency market was valued at upwards of $3 trillion for the first time.


As of January 19, its worth had dropped to $2 trillion. Many cryptocurrencies have fallen for the fifth week in a row.

Evangelists have resorted to informing skeptics that crypto values were significantly lower a year ago.

Ethereum, the second most valuable virtual currency by market valuation, is presently trading around $3,100, down 36% from its all-time high of $4,878.26 on November 10.

Bitcoin’s deficits are much worse. Since establishing a new high of $69.044.77 on November 10, the leader of cryptocurrencies has lost 39.5 percent of its market price. Bitcoin (BTC) prices are currently hovering around $41,786.40 as of January 19, a significant drop for even a typically unpredictable financial instrument.

Crash of Cryptocurrency

The crypto collapse is occurring simultaneously as an overall decrease in high-growth technology stocks, which is partly due to the Federal Reserve’s intentions to limit asset purchases and increase interest rates many times this year.

At the same time, per the UBS analysts, numerous investors are becoming aware of how unpredictable crypto can be. The limits of blockchain technology exacerbate this. Furthermore, this is because of its decentralized design. It makes scaling more difficult. Another reason UBS analysts feel crypto is collapsing is increased regulation. They predicted that crypto would meet more challenges from regulators in the months ahead in their research report.

Catching Up with Investors

Crypto winter is a phrase invented by market participants to describe a stretch of prolonged price drops in the cryptocurrency market. Prices may not rebound for several years. According to several experts, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases this year will undoubtedly reduce the attraction of crypto-like bitcoin to investors.

If central banks move to control inflation, it undermines the notion that investors should keep bitcoin hedge against price increases, the UBS analysts wrote. Furthermore, given Bitcoin’s unpredictability and finite supply, which renders it inflexible, there is a dawning recognition among investors that it is not genuinely better money.

Crypto exchanges like Coinbase have lately recorded a drop in trade volumes. This implies that as the digital asset downturn worsens, individual investors are shifting away from cryptos.

Also, crypto winter has recently become a subject of discussion among followers of crypto assets on social networking sites. Crypto winter is here, according to another user, and there will be carnage.

UBS advises that we consider crypto coins and tokens to be extremely unpredictable. We believe investors should avoid building tactical exposure to them in their financial portfolios.

Crypto Rebound This Year

Notwithstanding bitcoin’s ups and downs, Goldman Sachs analysts believe the cryptocurrency might hit $100,000.

Bitcoin presently accounts for roughly 20% of the so-called “store of value” industry, according to the investment business. This includes gold, bitcoin, and other assets such as currencies. The products whose values, in principle, should not fall significantly over time.

According to Goldman Sachs, bitcoin could ultimately account for 50% of the store of value sector. This caused it to rise by around 17% to 18% annually for the next five years, finally reaching $100,000.

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