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Crypto Makes You More Attractive

According to new research, including the word "crypto" in a dating profile makes you more attractive, yet the crypto community has reservations about online dating.

Crypto Makes You More Attractive iBase Trading.
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According to new research, including the word “crypto” in a dating profile makes you more attractive, yet the crypto community has reservations about online dating.

Cryptocurrency has quickly become one of 2022’s most talked-about issues. As a result, it’s not surprising that mentioning “crypto” in an online dating profile can garner extra attention.


According to a new study by eToro, 33% of Americans would go on a date with someone who referenced crypto assets in their online profile. More than 40% of men and 25% of women in a study of 2,000 adult residents in the United States between the ages of 18 and 99 said crypto increases their interest in a potential date.

What’s Love

The findings of eToro’s inaugural “Crypto & Culture” poll, according to Callie Cox, U.S. investment analyst, highlight the intersection of money, culture, and identity. A lot was said about the importance of identity in the crypto world in the poll, according to the author. The goal of this effort was to gain a deeper understanding of how individuals think about significant life goals and find the right partner.

One of the report’s most interesting findings was that 33%. This shows that respondents were interested in dating someone who mentioned cryptocurrency in their profile. This shows that there is a link between money, love, and identity when people use dating apps to locate a partner, Cox adds.

Over 74% of poll respondents said they would go on a second date with someone who paid the first date’s tab in Bitcoin (BTC). A Large number of people were found to be using Cryptocurrency. Used for their daily transactions.

These data show that crypto fans and holders who are publicly open may garner more interest in dating apps. However, Cox pointed out that Millennials and Gen Z respondents made up the majority of those who took part in the poll. Everyone had to self-identify, she explained. Also, the majority of the replies were from the younger generation. In terms of adopting crypto as a currency. Cox added that eToro’s research shows that paying a bill in Bitcoin is more appealing to men than it is to women.

Crypto Community & Online Dating

Although the eToro survey reveals that introducing crypto terminology makes daters more appealing. Some crypto community members believe it is a double-edged sword.

For example, Hailey Lennon, a law partner at Anderson Kill and the founder of Crypto Connect, told Cointelegraph that she didn’t put “Bitcoin” in her online dating profile at first. Consequently, she eventually did because the digital currency is a long-time hobby of hers. On the other hand, Lennon didn’t see an increase in responses to her profile after incorporating Bitcoin. While she has had a few matches that have caught her attention owing to shared interests.

People who are interested in Bitcoin have a lot in common. If I share a photo of myself wearing a Bitcoin hat, it will almost certainly catch the attention. Specially of people who are interested in the subject. I’ve also jokingly tweeted that I’ve met my soulmate when I come across someone who has ‘Bitcoin’ referenced in their dating profile. But it does demonstrate that we share a shared interest and that we can communicate about it.”

However, Lennon cautioned against using crypto language in your online dating profile. Furthermore, Lennon finds the results of eToro’s survey intriguing. She points out that many people in the crypto community are so focused on digital assets in their daily lives. They may prefer to have non-crypto-related conversations in romantic circumstances.

Personalized Love for Digital Age

Aside from cryptocurrency and dating, eToro’s survey indicated that 8% of respondents would want to receive a non-fungible token (NFT) as Valentine’s Day presents this year. Given the growth of the NFT sector, this data didn’t come as a surprise to Cox. Nonetheless, Cox found this discovery intriguing because it shows that Millennials and Gen Z enjoy identity-themed products. The younger generation wants to have something that represents who they are. Whether in the real world or the Metaverse, it is claimed.

As a result, this year’s Valentine’s Day NFTs include a number of identity-related options. MYKA, for example, has created a limited-edition NFT collection. It features digital artwork on three of their most popular jewelry items.

The rise of the Metaverse and the demand for digital identity, Ronnie Elgavish, vice president of global marketing at MYKA, expects more couples will give NFTs on Valentine’s Day.

eToro’s analysis indicated that over 20% of singles would be more willing to meet someone if they used an NFT. Made as a profile photo on a social platform or dating site. Even if your NFT present doesn’t work out. You can use it to pick a different date for March, Cox joked

Safety Concerns Still Remain

EToro’s research implies that crypto language and features may make online dating profiles more appealing. However, when publicly mentioning cryptocurrency, safety is a crucial element to consider. As the market matures, keeping a user’s cryptocurrency safe has become a top priority.

To prevent becoming a target, Justin Maile, manager of investigations at Chainalysis, mentions that it’s better not to advertise that you own crypto — specifically investing or holdings — on your dating profile. According to Maile, scams aren’t confined to dating applications. In order to find their victims, scammers allegedly turn to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Maile went on to say that he thinks it’s fine to openly admit to having an interest in cryptocurrency. He doesn’t think more information should be shared. Furthermore, Cox stated that eToro’s findings show that including the phrase “crypto” in a dating profile aid in determining a user’s identity. In contrast, that online daters must be cautious about what they reveal.

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