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Crypto is Exploited by Influencers via Scam

In a pump-and-dump campaign, two conspiracy enthusiast influencers drive a large number of investors to forfeit their crypto assets.

Crypto is Exploited by Influencers via Scam iBase Trading.
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In a pump-and-dump campaign, two conspiracy enthusiast influencers drive a large number of investors to forfeit their crypto assets. They offer a cryptocurrency portfolio with false promises regarding authenticity and institutional support. These assertions aim to generate enough enthusiasm for cryptos to drive up their values above what they should be.

Given that they’ve already established the confidence of their followers, they may be able to encourage them to engage in the crypto portfolio. However, by trusting the buzz surrounding the assets, these devotees ultimately lost millions. As per the findings logically, a company consists of developers and data scientists.


Two Telegram streams are managed by the marketers, WhipLash 347 as well as Quantum Stellar campaign. They are utilizing such forums to advertise fake Stellar XLM cryptocurrencies, which the whole Stellar community proves to be suspicious of.

Activities of WhipLash and QSI

WhipLash347 has 277,000 subscribers, while Quantum Stellar Initiate has 35,000 adherents. The marketer, Logically, is convincing these hundreds of followers that the cryptocurrencies would be a tremendous hit. They claim to be able to forecast such results due to secret military information.

Another strategy they employ was the dissemination of disinformation. Conspiracy content aiming at the press and mainstream organizations is also on the list. Since the supporters are already in doubt about these organizations, they embraced what the pair mentions and support their cryptocurrency advertising.

According to studies, this follower sheds millions of dollars. As per Logically, one of the $100,000 shareholders died by suicide. The authorities also determine that PatriotQakes is the head of the QSI network. However, they were unable to identify the major leader of WhipLash347.

As per the QSI moderator, all of the groups that drive it, notably QSI, Whiplash347, and PatriotQuakes, are scam artists supporting pump and dump operations. They try to verify PatriotQuakes’ assertions but have yet to get a comment.  Furthermore, neither party is still yet to respond to the charges.

Shareholders will Reveal the Perpetrators of the Crypto Hoax

Cutter, one of the stockholders who fall victim to such fraudsters, now creates a Twitter account to reveal WhipLash347. WhipLash347, as per Cutter, establishes an array of bogus cryptos and white papers. The domains of these cryptocurrencies allegedly relate to legitimate businesses. However, after more inquiry, the followers uncover that the cryptos were all forgeries that don’t have a connection to the actual ones.

The former team member further claims that they can trust WhipLash 347 since they have similar political ideas. However, he is encouraging all followers that forthcoming events would propel asset growth further. He urges them not to spread the word until these occurrences had a place.

Cutter also states that con artists would always provide a timetable for the occurrences to their followers. However, when it doesn’t, he’ll make another chronology to keep people believing in empty promises. Another deception was pretending to interact with key personalities. Hence, they even say that Elon Musk is the one sponsoring the cryptos promoted by the organization.

Followers continue to believe in the group. Anyone who attempts to challenge him will be out of the organization. This deception remains until the scam disintegrates and followers notice they’d been duped.

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