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Crypto Industry Rejection is Wrong

Leading team bosses believe Crypto Formula 1 or F1 would be foolish to refuse sponsorship from emerging technology industries like bitcoin.

Crypto Industry Rejection is Wrong iBase Trading.
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Leading team bosses believe Crypto Formula 1 or F1 would be foolish to refuse sponsorship from emerging technology industries like bitcoin.

The number of crypto sponsors in F1 has increased dramatically in recent years, with most of the grid currently sponsored by cryptocurrency firms. Red Bull recently announced a $150 million deal with cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, which is partially backed in cash and partly in tokens.


However, allegations of hacking, criminal activities, and frauds have many people wary of crypto. Also, the vast amount of electricity required by some proof-of-work currencies like Bitcoin to keep its blockchain running raises concerns about its environmental impact.

Unfortunately, teams do not regard the environmental issue as a conflict with F1’s sustainability push. Instead, they believe that more public acceptance of crypto can help spur the development of better renewable energy sources. Rather than harming the environment, crypto can actually assist it.

Crypto Industry is Exciting

Red Bull team leader Christian Horner believes the world is moving and changing. The crypto industry is fascinating. It’s becoming increasingly prevalent in all sports, and we take note of it. We, and our partners, take sustainability extremely seriously, thus we are looking at technology that can help. It’s amazing to see so much attention and that F1 is so appealing.

Toto Wolff, CEO of Mercedes, admits the issue of excessive energy usage, but believes the industry is aware of it and is working to address it. For example, the Ethereum network will convert from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake this year, saving energy. Wolff believes that the world should welcome and comprehend the changes coming rather than fearing them.

Mining and Energy Utilization

Wolff says the sustainability argument is vital, but it goes beyond mining and energy consumption. But you can’t ignore current technology. It’s obviously a growing area.

In ten years, two-day payments that can’t be made outside of business hours will be history. This is where cryptocurrencies will be. They are a sector. That’s why they’ve become a major financial participant, seeking exposure in Formula 1. It was exciting to learn about crypto exchanges, and FTX handles billions of transactions daily. Not stopping is impossible, and it must be done correctly. And we absolutely can help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Laurent Rossi, whose company has a fan token on Binance, thinks it’s unfair to pick out crypto for energy criticism. According to Rossi, social media and entertainment consume the same amount of electricity.

Franz Tost, the CEO of AlphaTauri, says that proof-of-stake blockchains like Fantom, which backs AlphaTauri, use a lot less energy. Toss said that bitcoin has become a big part of their business, and they want to get in on it. When it comes to sustainability, they don’t make energy in the same way. So, we have to be careful, and it’s not going to last. Idioms There are different ways to make money, and it is a big part of our future.

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