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Crypto.com Capital Funding Round Closes

They are happy to say that they have raised $2.5 million from their strategic funding.

Crypto.com Capital Funding Round Closes iBase Trading.
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They are happy to say that they have raised $2.5 million from their strategic funding from Crypto.com. Heroes of Mavia is a play-to-win massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG).

There were a lot of different investors who helped Crypto.com raise money in the round they led. These investors included Hashkey Capital, GuildFi, Merit Circle, Avocado Guild and many more. In this funding round, the last private sale of the MMO strategy game’s MAVIA tokens took place before the game went to market. Binance Labs, Genblock Capital, and other important investors recently raised $5.5 million in a funding round. This funding round comes after that one. This brings the total amount raised to $8 million, which is a big deal.


He said that Crypto.com Capital is happy to help Heroes of Mavia as it grows and gets ready to launch in 2022. With its unique gameplay and base-building mechanics, as well as top-notch graphics, we think Heroes of Mavia is well-positioned to become one of the best AAA play-to-earn games in the world.

Introducing the Game: Heroes of Mavia

Since its launch, the game has been trying to change the NFT gaming landscape by introducing its complex mechanics, unique monetization feature, and exciting gameplay to the world of NFT games. A fantasy-themed island called Mavia is the setting for a game called Heroes of Mavia, which is based on Ethereum. The game is made to look good and bring new features to GameFi at the same time. Everyone in the game is in charge of a base and an army. They have to grow their base and army to win the game. Players use the resources they get by attacking other basses.

A player needs land to build their base on before he or she can do that. You can own land in one of three ways: you can rent it, own it, or work with someone who owns it. Players who don’t have a lot of money can rent the land or work with a landowner. One unique thing about the game is that it lets players live stream attacks and defenses on their bases. All battles are permanently recorded, so everyone in the Mavia ecosystem can look at the history of the fights.

Crypto.com as Lead Investor

Tristan Chaudhry, the Managing Director of Skrice Studios, said that they are lucky to have strong partners like Crypto.com back their team in this new round of funding. This makes Mavia even stronger in the NFT gaming space because Crypto.com is the lead investor.

Heroes of Mavia has a two-token system that helps run the business. These are MAVIA and RUBY. MAVIA is used for governance and to buy, sell, and rent NFTs on the Mavia market. RUBY, on the other hand, is the in-game token that you can use to earn money when you play the game. Players get RUBY when they fight other people in the metaverse. The token can also be used to buy things in the game, like decorations and NFT upgrades.

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