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Contentos Partners with Theta Network

Contentos has collaborated with Theta Network, a decentralized video distribution system linked with the COS.TV video network.

Contentos Partners with Theta Network iBase Trading.
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Contentos has collaborated with Theta Network, a decentralized video distribution system linked with the COS.TV video network. This is to enhance customer experience and lower video content distribution bandwidth costs.

Throughout 2019, the COS.TV platform experienced tremendous growth as per Alexa rankings, COS.TV viewership exceeded Steemit.com around January 2020. However, a problem is looming in the form of rapidly rising content delivery prices. They can lower such expenses by 50% or more by integrating Theta Network to Contentos’ video infrastructure. This allows COS.TV to attain more steady and reliable growth while also offering a new avenue to boost customer engagement via token rewards.


Theta Network

Theta Network is the premier decentralized video network based on blockchain technologies, developed by Theta Labs. Additionally, Theta Network uses token awards to encourage watchers to relay video using their spare bandwidth, resulting in high-definition video material and lower video delivery charges.

Samsung and CJ Hello, two of South Korea’s top media businesses, previously announced cooperation with Theta Labs to implement Theta’s decentralized video delivery system.

Mick, co-founder, and CEO of Contentos stated that they are excited to partner with Theta, which could help them to lower their video content distribution costs and improve market share. The agreement also represents a step forward in implementing blockchain technology in audiovisual production.

COS.tv will join the Theta Network, according to Mitch Liu, the CEO of Theta Labs. Consequently, add to the increasing multitude of platforms finding actual benefits from adopting Theta for video delivery. COS.TV’s swift growth will benefit from Theta integration, which will help to entice those much more new users while preserving CDN costs as low as possible.

Contentos is a decentralized international service ecosystem backed by Matrix Partners China, IDG, Gobi, Ontology, DHVC, Node Capital, Binance Lab, LD Capital, and many others. Contentos’ mission is to create a public blockchain platform that returns value to content developers and consumers.

Photo editing application or PhotoGrid is a well-known live stream network LiveMe, and short-video site, Cheez, has formed a strategic relationship with Contentos. Contentos now has millions of worldwide content producers and 60 million monthly consumers, owing to these three services. Thus, CleanMaster and associated game products from Cheetah Mobile are actively engaged in the Contentos platform.

About Theta Network

Theta Labs created the Theta Network, the world’s first blockchain-based video delivery network. In addition to increasing audience engagement and revenue, Theta reduces CDN costs by rewarding re-streamers. Theta’s protocol rewards users for peer-to-peer video transmissions that require extra bandwidth on any device. Esports, news, leisure, peer-to-peer live-streaming, and much more are among the system’s sponsors. Thus, THETA.tv, the Theta Network’s initial platform, takes advantage of the network’s current customer base of millions of Esports fans. Samsung VR and Littlstar are the two additional video devices that support the Theta protocol.

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