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Coinsfera’s OTC USDT Trading

OTC digital asset trading platform Coinsfera has added the ability to buy or sell stablecoin USDT in Dubai over the counter.

Coinsfera’s OTC USDT Trading iBase Trading.
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OTC digital asset trading platform Coinsfera has added the ability to buy or sell stablecoin USDT in Dubai over the counter.

The Coinsfera crypto OTC desk now allows customers to buy or sell USDT in cash without the use of a bank account or a credit card.


A cryptocurrency exchange in Istanbul, Turkey, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kosovo, and so on is Coinsfera.

Investors in the crypto space are selling their BTC, ETC, and other cryptocurrencies to store their assets in USDT, which is a stable currency, to escape market turmoil.

This cryptocurrency, called Tether (USDT), is designed to track the value of the US dollar.

Users can reach Coinsfera by phone or Whatsapp, and a representative will set up a meeting. The United Arab Emirates has access to this service.

For those looking to earn from cryptocurrencies, this is significant because it offers up a whole new set of opportunities.

Coinsfera Requirements for USDT Trading

A valid ID or passport is the only requirement for customers to use the services of Coinsfera, according to the exchange. To purchase or sell USDT at the OTC desk, visitors only need to bring their passports with them.

It’s possible to sell USDT straight for cash instead of acquiring Bitcoin or Ethereum first. Those who want to use bitcoins for local payments or remittances would particularly benefit from this.

They won’t have to pay the hefty costs linked with traditional banking systems now that they have Tether to rely on.

Dubai hopes to be the Middle East’s global financial hub in addition to being a popular tourist destination. With a wave of licenses awarded to bitcoin exchanges, Dubai appears to be one of the latter. The United Arab Emirates Financial Services Authority (FSA) has granted the digital currency exchange OKX license to operate in Dubai.

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