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Cashfusion Increased by 328%

Cashfusion, the privacy-enhancing solution for the Bitcoin Cash network, is approaching its first anniversary, and fusions have climbed by 328.93 percent over the last four months.

Cashfusion Increased by 328% iBase Trading.
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Cashfusion, the privacy-enhancing solution for the Bitcoin Cash network, is approaching its first anniversary, and fusions have climbed by 328.93 percent over the last four months.

The protocol has completed a security audit. The number of fusions is approaching 20,000, with about $200 million worth of bitcoin currency fused so far this month.


The Cashfusion protocol for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will celebrate its first anniversary of operation on November 28, 2020. It marks the first year in operation. According to the statistics, the stats.devzero.be/#/fusion page reveals that about 19,658 fusions had been processed since last November.

The Usage Increased Since Publishing

Four months ago, news.Bitcoin.com revealed that the protocol had fused more than $9 million worth of BCH. It had completed 4,583 fusions in total. Cashfusion usage has increased by 328.93 percent since publishing the study, according to current data.

When Cashfusion underwent a security examination by Kudelski Security, the protocol’s popularity skyrocketed by a factor of ten. Cashfusion participation grew due to the expansion of fusion tiers from 0.82 BCH to 8.2 BCH, which occurred concurrently. The development allows for the fusion of ten times the amount of bitcoin cash previously possible. More importantly, there are 791,310 BCH fused now, which equals $193 million in Bitcoin Cash at today’s market rate.

Because Bitcoin Cash proponents feel the Cashfusion protocol is more advanced than traditional coinjoin techniques, they are enthusiastic supporters of the Cashfusion protocol. For example, data analyst James Waugh put Cashfusion through its paces with hundreds of transactions. He further discovered that fusing is significantly more practical than other coinjoin techniques. While looking over the inputs and outputs of many transactions, Waugh concluded that “it is not possible to establish a concrete link” between them.

Using Cashshuffle

Since the Cashfusion developers choose to remove the need for equal amounts in both the inputs and outputs of coinjoin transactions, Electron Cash creator Jonald Fyookball provides a thorough explanation of the method in a paper titled “Analyzing the Combinatoric Math in Cashfusion,” which recently released.

BCH supporters continue to use the Cashshuffle protocol in addition to the Cashfusion action, which has seen a spike in recent days. Cashshuffle established in March of this year and since underwent a security audit by Kudelski Security Inc.

When James Waugh investigated the claims of combinatorial anonymity, he concluded that it is impossible to determine the genuine relationship between inputs and outputs. This is because there are numerous possible combinations of ways to achieve a balanced relationship between the inputs and outputs. He was right.

60,614 shuffles use Cashshuffle, according to the online domain stats.cash/#/shuffle, since its start. In mid-September, the number of shuffles reduced significantly. At the same time, more users began migrating to the Cashfusion protocol due to the expansion of the security audit and fusion levels. Despite this, 271,962 BCH, worth $66.5 million shifted around today.

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