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Cardano Launches Another DEX

The Cardano network now supports ADAX, a decentralized exchange system.

Cardano Launches Another DEX iBase Trading.
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The Cardano network now supports ADAX, a decentralized exchange system. Yesterday evening, the group revealed the news on Twitter. After losing more than 60% of its ATH, Cardano’s ADA has already managed to sustain trading above $1. As Cardano began to tackle decentralized banking, the addition of ADAX towards the network was a significant step.

The business devoted 6 months to developing the first decentralized exchange for Cardano that would benefit the community in the coming years. The ADAX group has successfully arrived at the long-awaited pledge of deploying ADAX DEX v1.0 on the Cardano mainnet. It is not impossible that the ADAX will make it to the finish line.


Including its distinctive selling proposition, ADAX wants to emulate the example of Uniswap as well as PancakeSwap. This is because the company wants to become Cardano’s breakout marketplace. After launching SundaeSwap, a robust DEX on Cardano, Cardano attained a cumulative worth of over $70 million. ADAX is a Cardano-based computerized liquidity mechanism that allows clients to make trades more easily. Its new blockchain-based exchange is totally decentralized and non-custodial.

This eliminates the need for intermediaries, order books, or lengthy processes. Late last year, they originally released DEX on the testnet as a preview of the main business. Just selected persons got entry to it throughout the testing period. Mostly with the release, the group has met its goal of deploying on the mainnet by January 30, 2022.

Cardano’s ADAX DEX

The DEX, on the other hand, is really not ADAX’s sole offering. Other Cardano-based startups such as Charli3, VyFinance, KICK.IO, and GeroWallet have partnered only with CEX. The CEX allows all of these businesses to exchange their tokens. And then there are the ADAX NFTs, which are currently working on a portfolio. The procedure is also teaming up with VyFinance to develop NFTs that will compensate users using VyFi and ADAX tokens.

The opening of ADAX DEX is welcome news for Cardano, which is trying to position them into a significant blockchain network. Competing platforms such as Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain also offer decentralized trading systems, giving them an advantage in the DeFi industry.

Cardano’s value has fallen by 3% in the last 24 hours. The introduction of ADAX DEX may have a favorable impact on the price of Cardano’s original token which is the ADA. The price of the token that is now at $1.025 has risen somewhat in the last hour. However, it would be too soon to say if the ADAX introduction would have a long-term impact on price movement.

It really has shed over 3% of its worth in the last 24 hours. Notwithstanding a huge loss in worth seen, there was a loss of 48% of its worth in the previous three months. With this, the value has failed to go below $1. The significance of the $1 resistance mark for the token cannot be overstated, as it cannot stand to waste it.

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