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Cardano DEX ADAX Launch

People in the Cardano ecosystem have been waiting impatiently for Uniswap or PancakeSwap, the ecosystem's top-tier representative, since since the technology's initial unveiling.

Cardano DEX ADAX Launch iBase Trading.
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People in the Cardano ecosystem have been waiting impatiently for Uniswap or PancakeSwap. This is the ecosystem’s top-tier representative, since since the technology’s initial unveiling. As long as the community’s standards were as high as they were, everyone entering the race took enormous risks. There is now a new version of the ADAX DEX (v1.0). Despite the fact that this may have looked impossible at first.

ADAX DEX will use the order-book approach, which allows for non-custodial and censorship-resistant trading based on the decentralization ideology. Smart contract-based trades can be executed quickly by users on the platform for a far lower fee than the Ethereum network now charges.


The introduction of ADAX DEX is a huge accomplishment for the entire team. Cardano’s ecosystem will benefit in the long run. This is because of the company’s six-month effort and substantial personnel in developing one of the first decentralized exchange systems.

Product Characteristics

ADAX DEX is not lagging behind its competitors on other chains. It also provides the Cardano community with all they need for a genuinely decentralized exchange. With on-chain swap execution and concentrated liquidity orders, the exchange can now outperform even its closest competitors.

The exchange’s developers used Plutus smart contracts to create a bespoke PAB solution that ensures complete decentralization. ADAX is breaking each order into smaller UTXOs in order to avoid congestion and concurrency-related concerns.

ADAX spent a great deal of effort developing a user interface that is suitable for both institutional investors and private traders in order to make the decentralized experience more convenient. Additionally, ADAX is currently working on integrating widely used wallets into its platform. As of right now, it just supports Nami Wallet. Apart from that, in the near future it will add GeroWallet and CCVault support.

There is news of an alliance between Stockgeist and ADAX.

The DEX is able to offer a revolutionary trading tool that tracks early signals of changes in trader sentiment thanks to an artificial intelligence (AI) market sentiment monitoring technology.

Data was gathered from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord, among other places. Traders will be able to identify the “hottest” assets on the market by looking at the metrics assigned to each token.

In order to fulfill its promise to Cardano’s community, the ADAX team is eager to collect the feedback that has aided the team throughout the development process.

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