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Can SSW Reduce ETH/BNB Congestion?

When there is one complaint of either the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain blockchains, it is the massive traffic that each platforms experience, restricting the number of operations that consumers complete.

Can SSW Reduce ETH/BNB Congestion? iBase Trading.
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When there is one complaint of either the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain blockchains, it is the massive traffic that each platforms experience, restricting the number of operations that consumers complete.

Solana, for example, had significant traffic on its blockchain in 2021. This resulted in system interruptions which lasted 17 hours throughout September.


The functionality of blockchains is critical to allowing a newer wave of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join. This is in particular with the crypto sector developing at a quick clip poising for a more massive year in 2022. Search any farther beyond Seesaw Protocol when looking for a system that aims to alleviate blockchain latency.

Notwithstanding its recent inception, the program has already earned a reputation for itself to the cryptocurrency community. They made promises to connect the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, as well as Polygon blockchain technologies.

Its primary goal is to enable stockholders to utilize the best effective blockchain available at the time. The aim is also to give consumers fast and inexpensive trade experiences.

In addition to its latency concerns, Ethereum was infamous for its exorbitant gas prices. It drove numerous users away from the platform in favor of a much more cost-effective blockchain.

The SSW Protocol

Seesaw Protocol’s strategy includes an unusual feature. All users will be able to exchange assets throughout blockchains for a 1% cost that is far less than its competitors.

PancakeSwap, decentralized trading based on Binance Smart Chain, will mostly include the Seesaw Protocol currency. That enables traders to exchange their BEP-20 tokens for other BEP-20 tokens. Seesaw Protocol’s initial pre-sale spot began on January 28, The SSW value jumps to over 1000% within eight days till the ending of phase one of the pre-sale.

The reception to Seesaw Protocol has already been phenomenal, even though it is still two months away from its formal debut. It has two additional phases to play. This is the reason why the SSW token might remain to surge.

Others may have jolts by how quickly the program progressed. The issue is that consumers simply have to check at the DeFi sector’s growth last year. It already has hit a new record of $236 billion TVL.

That is not to argue, certain critique does not warrant as the crypto business has seen its proper share of skepticism. The designers of Seesaw Protocol are nameless. This may make people skeptical since investors may be hesitant to commit if they don’t know who is underlying the idea.

Seesaw Protocol has Taken the Necessary Measures

The goal is to establish its authenticity by requesting and paying for an audit with Certik. This is a security-focused service that oversees blockchain algorithms as well as DeFi initiatives. The proposal’s white paper and the Seesaw NFT platform have been published. It explains what they hope to achieve in what seems like a timeline for 2022.

Throughout the pre-sale, there is indeed a reward referral scheme inside the project. This means that if the coin purchased on PancakeSwap is effectively recommended, the individual who recommended future investors will get a 5% compensation. Although little is known about the program ahead of its April 2022 debut, there is growing interest in what Seesaw Protocol might provide the cryptocurrency business.

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