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Building BSV Community with Robin Kohze

Vaionex is a blockchain startup that is spearheading the push to rebuild the previous Bitcoin SV Company’s site.

Building BSV Community with Robin Kohze iBase Trading.
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Vaionex is a blockchain startup that is spearheading the push to rebuild the previous Bitcoin SV Company’s site. The goal is to serve as a comprehensive landing site for the communities of Bitcoin SV developers. Designers met with Kohze to discuss whether now is the ideal time to restart the project, as well as what he intends to accomplish as an outcome.

Rebuilding Bitcoin SV

The BitcoinSVDevelopers.com web address has been put in place as a rudimentary information center for Bitcoin SV. However, the site’s prior holder did not upkeep it. It had been down for several months until it was handed to Vaionex, as well as its founder, Robin Kohze.


Rather than purchasing the domain, they will acquire it from the original purchaser. It’s intention is to bring it back into existence, according to Kohze.

They recognized an opportunity to reestablish the platform’s initial capabilities because it was already a household name in the neighborhood.

The website, like Vaionex’s previous projects, seeks to be a one-stop shop for anything relevant to Bitcoin SV development. It is in particular for the development community.

According to Kohze, they are indeed an infrastructure supplier. It implies that the more developers who join the community, the more they can do for them in the long run. Developers will see such platforms as a win-win circumstance. It will assist each infrastructural firm in the industry.

Renewing the Old

They loved that there was a single platform, which would have been the previous website. Users could bring somebody who was absolutely new to the ecosystem to scoop them up exactly where they were commencing.

The initial webpage was very simple. There was relatively less for the new management to work with. This is because the old platform was constructed on PHP and had no user engagement. Therefore, the new operating system needs construction from the bottom up.

It’s like bringing over an old place that’s falling apart and renovating it to make it fresh again, as per Kohze.

They sought to be as objective as feasible when creating the platform. Moreover, including every point of view on development. Developers perceive themselves as participants in a larger environment that provides a portal into creation. It is also a critical infrastructure to deliver workable goods, rather than as a firm that can or must encompass anything.

The Project Objective

The goal is for the project’s content to be community-driven. It needs minimal participation from administrators recruited from the general public.

The fact that they can always seek prominent members of the community to participate as moderators keep it special. They believe that individuals come and go. Those with greater and lesser insight into the latest concepts are always arriving and departing.

The project’s resources and services section, for example, separates into a number of section headings. Each of these has unique resources for users to explore and utilize. The prominence of each unique library and service determines the order in which these resources appear.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t make logical sense to allow the existence or disappearance of particular developer libraries to be fully governed by someone determining whether the resource is by far the most essential or the second most significant. They require self-managing systems, such as those that promote what is popular, which the community determines.

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