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BSV Hub for MESA Launches

The Bitcoin Association is a worldwide industry organization situated in Switzerland dedicated to advancing commerce using the BSV blockchain and the usage of Bitcoin SV as a data protocol.

BSV Hub for MESA Launches iBase Trading.
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The Bitcoin Association is a worldwide industry organization in Switzerland whose dedication is to advance commerce using the BSV blockchain and the usage of Bitcoin SV as a data protocol. It made an announcement about the establishment of the BSV Hub for MESA, or the Middle East and South Asia. The region’s committed on-the-ground assets will raise awareness of the BSV blockchain. It will encourage its use in enterprise apps and massive government initiatives.

The BSV Hub for MESA will be in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This will facilitate the increased interest in the BSV blockchain among regional enterprises, governments, and educational institutions.


The Hub will first focus on work in the United Arab Emirates as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has further projects in Bahrain, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and some other nations.

The Hub in UAE

In MESA countries, governmental endeavors often drive blockchain developments. It makes BSV a perfect foundation for the state’s general populace sector’s large-scale data demands. BSV is an enterprise-grade community blockchain that may be a peer-to-peer electronic currency system. As well as a worldwide data ledger for large-scale applications in government and business.

The BSV network grows indefinitely to handle large quantities of transactions at a low cost. It is planned to achieve a capacity of up to 50,000 transactions per second in the coming years. With an average transaction cost of a fraction of a dime.

Micropayments, smart contracts, tokenization, and a variety of information functions are also available with BSV.

Muhammad Salman Anjum, a major local player in the corporate blockchain area as well as the Chief Mate at InvoiceMate, a next-generation financial and invoice tool that incorporates the usage of the BSV blockchain, will oversee the BSV Hub for MESA. Prior to creating InvoiceMate, Salman served at Avantas Tech Accelerator, PwC’s Academy Middle East, and Mind AI, among other notable local and worldwide businesses.

The BSV Hub for MESA can teach and create local capacities for developing apps on the BSV blockchain, in parallel to helping a wide range of businesses and government sector ventures.

The Hub will collaborate alongside enterprises, programmers, and educational establishments to provide training courses and learning tools. It will also help inspire other learners to learn about blockchain technology’s advantages.

With both the Middle East and South Asia states’ great interest in e-government, smart cities, IoT, as well as other large-scale public sector innovations and technologies, BSV is the massively scaled blockchain required to fulfill the data utility necessary to produce those large visions for daily existence. This is according to Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen.

BSV’ Expansion in MESA

They have noticed a consistent rise in interest in BSV across the MESA area after numerous excursions to the location in the last 9 months. Making this the appropriate moment to create a local partner for the BSV community.

They look forward more to BSV’s expansion in the MESA region. Furthermore, they have a strong ally in Muhammad Salman Anjum to promote blockchain applications with genuine data usefulness that provides productivity and integrity to the globe.

The Director of the BSV Hub for the Middle East and South Asia, Muhammad Salman Anjum, stated that Blockchain is the genuinely transformative technology of the current time. It has the ability to have a major effect on the general populace and industry.

The BSV blockchain perfectly situates to propose alternatives suited for both government and enterprise. These are the areas of focus, thanks to its limitless scalability capabilities and numerous data functionalities. The Middle East, as well as South Asia, are appropriate regions for embracing BSV blockchain technology’s transformational possibilities.

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