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BNB’s Stock Token Trading Stopped

As Hong Kong’s financial watchdog turn out to be the latest in a string of regulators to put down on the “stock tokens” offerings of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance has ended digital tokens selling that are linked to shares.

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As Hong Kong’s financial watchdog turn out to be the latest in a string of regulators to put down on the “stock tokens” offerings of the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Binance ends selling digital assets that are linked to shares.

Stock tokens are digital forms of justices. Stock tokens attach to the relevant share value. Unlike conventional justices, these tokens buy and sell in partial units.


A statement of Binance on its website stated that stock tokens are not available for purchase on Binance.com. As it would stop all support for the products in October.

Things happen in the middle of worries over laidback consumer security and the function of digital coins for money laundering. Scrutiny from all over the world has grown against cryptocurrency with authorities zeroing in on Binance in the last few years.

Binance in Hong Kong

After Binance’s actions, The Hong Kong’s SFC unauthorize the exchange to bring out supervised activities in the city. SFC also added that it could be considered an offence if stock tokens are offered without authorization to the Hong Kong public.

The company sues anyone breaking an appropriate provision. This is according to Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).  If found guilty, put through criminal sanctions.

A spokesperson of Binance refused to release a comment on the move of SFC that came next day. That is after the Italian regulators announced regarding this.

As of the present, Binance exchanges in Hong Kong are not operating and the platform is seriously taking its legal responsibilities according to the spokesperson.

Moreover, the company created unmatched worldwide pressure on a big cryptocurrency firm. This is due to ambiguity between global regulators and Binance coordination.

Binance is the world’s largest exchange by sport trading volumes in the past month. It provides users an extensive range of services. Services from cryptocurrency spot and derivatives trading to stock tokens and digital wallets.

Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla are some of the companies that were offered tokens to.

Lithuana’s central bank stated that Binance warns unauthorized investment services. Its users risk losing their entire investment on services related to crypto-assets.

Global Scale Crackdown

Some of the regulators in Britain, Japan and other countries have increased warnings against Binance. In addition, the United states investigates the platform exchange.

Binance was not licensed to offer investment services and activities in the country according to the market watchdog in Italy. Moreover, products including stock tokens offers in Italian.

A spokesperson stated that the FCA regularly works with regulators around the world and shares information about the issues.

Offering stock tokens without issuing an investor catalog jeopardizes Binance according to BaFin. From the German regulator’s statement in April.

In addition, the exchange said that its users can sell or hold the stock tokens over the succeeding 90 days. However, the company prohibits selling or closing positions after the 14th of October.

A Binance spokesperson said that they believe that changing their commercial focus to other product offerings, therefore, it will serve their users better. Furthermore, the company commits to making the transaction as direct as possible for the affected users.

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