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Blockify Is Defi Solutions’ One-Stop-Shop

Blockify simplifies investing in the decentralized currency market by integrating the leading DeFi protocols and liquidity providers.

Blockify Is Defi Solutions’ One-Stop-Shop iBase Trading.
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Blockify simplifies investing in the decentralized currency market by integrating the leading DeFi protocols and liquidity providers.

Even after all these years, many still have trouble figuring out how to utilize DeFi. Blockify enters the picture to aid in making it simpler and cheaper for anyone. They can now investigate new assets, perform a trade, track their portfolio, or invest in complicated primitives all in one spot.


DeFi fragmentation and lack of confidence solutions have been a big obstacle in their uptake and are something the platform seeks to rectify. Blockify allows customers to do a wide variety of things. Such as invest in a single transaction, maintain their portfolios accurately, and discover new assets.

Blockify’s Explore and Market page integrates functionality from CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Uniswap, and Portfolios, allowing users to track the market without leaving the app. Users can narrow down their search for an appropriate asset. It is done by using the page’s filtering options (asset type, tags, performance, and granularity of token clicks). Blockify’s goal is to make it easier for those who aren’t tech-savvy to purchase, monitor, and control assets on a wide variety of DeFi -protocols.

Blockify is notable for many reasons. One of which is that it enables users to buy and sell DeFi tokens within the same transaction. This is made feasible through the DeFi Software Development Kit (SDK). A library of smart contracts meant to function as an adapter for any DeFi protocols.

Blockify DEX

Users can access a liquidity channel to every decentralized exchange (DEX), automated market maker (AMM), and DEX aggregator using Blockfiy’s execution engines. Users can now choose the most advantageous route for trades. Also, the marketplace currently enables the buying and selling thousands of different tokens. Such as Balancer, Curve pools, Uniswap, and many more.

Blockify also allows its users to precisely follow their portfolios’ progress by giving them access to a history of their transactions. Users can examine their aggregated views for many different wallets using the platform. In addition, users can view the history page and receive push updates regarding their portfolios.

In addition, Blockify’s mission is to facilitate more widespread usage of DeFi. This will be done by giving users access to a social environment. They can communicate and share information concerning DeFi and other topics associated with blockchain technology.

With the help of this social platform, the project will be able to engage with users in a way that can verify directly. The project is not yet complete, but it will eventually have all of these features and additional ones.

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