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Bitcoin’s CEO Responds to NFTs Project

NFT.NYC takes place the other week, and even the crypto market crash couldn't dampen the spirits.

Bitcoin’s CEO Responds to NFTs Project iBase Trading.
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NFT.NYC takes place the other week, and even the crypto market crash couldn’t dampen the spirits. Celebrities and famous performances will also be present at the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, including World of Women. Thus, other NFT groups are arranging their own secret meetings for holders.

There is just a small amount of NFT activity surrounding Bitcoin, and Alex Adelman, the CEO, and co-founder of the Bitcoin rewards platform, Lolli. Consequently, they mention to Decrypt that they enjoy the community and festivities surrounding NFT artwork and memorabilia.


Adelman, who views himself as one of the degen communities, emerges around NFTs. He states that last October’s NFT.NYC gathering reveals to him the possibility for performers to adopt the tech for the first time.

An NFT is a blockchain currency that people are using to prove ownership of digital property. It includes artwork or video game things. As it garners general acceptance, the market earns $25 billion in trading activity in 2021.

Lolli rewards customers with Bitcoin for purchasing at over 1,000 partnering businesses. Thus, Adelman, who has laser eyes on Twitter, is widely regarded as a Bitcoin maximalist. Nevertheless, he chooses a milder description, a Bitcoin optimist. He’s not averse to widespread crypto acceptance, even if he inevitably wants Bitcoin to carry the torch.

Many ego maximalists would dispute this difference. Only yesterday, Bitcoin celebrity Nic Carter draws outrage on Twitter from maxis. This follows the disclosure that his Castle Island Ventures business invests in a Web3 development platform which is for other blockchains.

NFT Operations on Bitcoin’s Surface

Adelman certainly does not dismiss the emergence of artwork and culture through NFTs. In essence, he views it as an advantage that the Bitcoin community should take advantage of. Hence, it still has the ability to do so through layer-2 solutions that operate on top of Bitcoin’s network.

Before the name NFT, they develop early attempts to place artwork and other entertainment assets on the blockchain on Bitcoin systems like Counterparty. Rare Pepe NFTs, for illustration, are wrapped and connected to Ethereum to facilitate trade and collection.

Some NFT operation is taking place on top of Bitcoin. Stacks, a layer-1.5 smart contract system, that Bitcoin secures, implies that it combines transactions from its own blockchain and sends them to Bitcoin for preservation.

NFT starts to gather traction on Stacks last autumn. However, overall activity is a droplet in the bucket in comparison to Ethereum’s NFT market supremacy. Adelman states that he did not yet see a creation that he likes on Stacks yet, but he is a supporter of the NFT art community on Tezos. This is a competing layer-1 network that also attracts big partners such as Ubisoft and The Gap.

Adelman views Bitcoin remains in its early days even after 13 years. Moreover, he’s enthusiastic about other possible layer-2 platforms that expand on its blockchain to allow NFTs and applications. He cited Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s efforts and Block’s TBD branch. It also includes the recently promised Web5, an additional autonomous web basing it on Bitcoin.

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