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Bitcoin Triggered Financial Meltdown

A warning was announced by a senior Bank of England policymaker that a financial meltdown is possible for digital currencies such as bitcoin unless the governments imply tough restrictions.

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A warning was announced by a senior Bank of England policymaker that a financial meltdown is possible for digital currencies such as bitcoin unless the governments imply tough restrictions.

Deputy governor Sir Jon Cunliffe stated that financial markets might be in danger in a few years. This may rise from the same event with similar problems. The 2008 financial crash, as well as the rise of cryptocurrencies, drove down the value of US subprime mortgages.


Ethereum, bitcoin’s nearest rival, was shaken earlier this year. However, it was able to compensate. A single bitcoin five years ago cost around $700 (£513). As compared with $56,000 (£41,000) today. Since July, Ethereum has almost doubled its value to $3,500.

Cunliffe played a role in cryptocurrency inspection in previous years. He is an advisor to the G20’s Financial Stability Committee. He also advised the Geneva Bank for International Settlements, the central bank’s main advisory body. A former Whitehall Mandarin who has contacts with politics and central banks. His warnings are likely to attract the thoughts of senior treasury officials in the UK, Washington and Tokyo.

Financial Innovations result

This year’s cryptocurrency coins have grown in value by approximately 200% from being under $800 billion to $2.3 trillion, and have reached $16 billion in five years. Cunliffe stated that there are already reasons to be mindful about traders’ using digital currencies that can be pointless overtime. The finance industry was more active than in 2008, and governments should be at least considerate of financial innovations.

He stated that $2.3 trillion needs to be publicized in the context of the $250 trillion global financial system, but whatever the financial crisis presents, there is no need to own a large proportion of the financial sector to trigger financial stability problems.

In the United States, low-income households using ultra-low-rate mortgages fuels the subprime mortgage speculaiton. Cunliffe said there is evidence that speculators are starting to borrow money to buy cryptocurrencies, aggregating problems of a crash affecting the wider financial system.

In the meantime, the survey says that investing in cryptocurrencies was backed by $40 billion in rented funds. The heightened traders questions the value of digital currencies. This is according to the evidences shown.

He stated that Chicago Mercantile Exchange traders are buying $2 billion worth of crypto a day, and that popularity attracts funds for future trading by speculators.

Cunliffe said that crypto is starting to adapt to the traditional financial system and it’s obvious that the emergence of players’ advantage is coming. It is crucially taking place in a vast space. The bulk of the assets have no intrinsic value and are vulnerable to a wide range of price corrections.

The problem gets worse

He expects the relatively limited risks to financial stability. This could grow very quickly. This area continues to evolve and expand in a continuous phase. He added that how large these risks can be will depend to a large extent on the nature and speed of response by regulatory and supervisory authorities.

This is as a result of the need to develop standards and the rapid growth of digital commerce. Cunliffe said that guidance drawn up by global financial market regulators took two years. This is during the time that the digital currency trading platforms expanded 16 times.

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