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Bitcoin SV Reaches New Transactions Record

The other week, the Scaling Test Network for Bitcoin SV set a historical high.

Bitcoin SV Reaches New Transactions Record iBase Trading.
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The other week, the Scaling Test Network for Bitcoin SV set a historical high. On Jan. 26, the network completed approximately 9,000 operations per second, breaking the earlier record of more than 6,500 tps set in December 2019.

NChain runs the STN is a Bitcoin Association program gears towards business scalability. STN nodes have two ways by the venture: for mining and also for monitoring across the world.


This is done to verify that the activity figures displayed are from a worldwide spread network and that they closely mirror actual processes.

This STN is solely for experimental purposes. It enables anybody who wants to design a solution to evaluate it on Bitcoin SV to determine how it scales. I will also test it at rates that projects to be shown on the mainnet in the future.

Once the programs have finished validating on the test network, they are moved to the mainnet, which is the production blockchain network.

The STN’s purpose

To replicate the mainnet on a wider scale as nearly as possible is the STN’s purpose. Although the mainnet has this capability, it currently lacks the transaction volume required.

A lot of major developmental work went into the latest beta and impending final launch of Bitcoin SV node software 1.0.7 to facilitate lengthy chains.

The most frequently desired constraint reduction is long chains. It has the most evidence of work put into it, and mining nodes will almost certainly prefer a longer chain to a shorter one. The internal analysis has revealed significant improvements in the execution speed of long-chained operations as a result of the software upgrades.

STN Operations Manager Brad Kristensen informed CoinGeek that their group appears to think that the STN can handle over 2,000 tps. Across an eight-hour span, the team measured a median of 1.9 ktps (1,900tps).

Everyone can view STN statistics on this website, and the statistics obtained by the STN appear to be remarkable.

The Bitcoin Core network presently restricts block capacities to 1-4 MB. This results in a limited transaction rate of 7 operations per second. A one-BTC transaction of any value can cost more than $10.

In regard to chain lengths

The STN still seems to be early in evaluating edition 1.0.7. Therefore, assumptions still develop. However, the research so far suggests that there are unmistakable gains in raw productivity.

The existing peak milestone’s achievement was with only a small number of chained transactions in the blocks. That made up the record.

The maintained tps record breaches were accomplished with chain lengths ranging from 2 to 12. It indicates the network’s long durability underneath pressure. The next series of tests will begin with chains of 25. Moreover, the number of chains are rising as the days pass.

This possibility for transactional scalability appears to be particularly appealing to businesses. Looking to process massive amounts of data without experiencing transaction constraints and latency.

Assuming Bitcoin SV can keep offering micropayments for transactions while also lengthening chains, the sky appears to be the ceiling in terms of effectiveness and scalability on the BSV mainnet.

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