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Bitcoin SV Ditched Bitcoin’s Multisig Wallet

Bitcoin SV ditched Bitcoin's multi-signature scheme in favour of its homegrown.

Flaw in Bitcoin SV Multisig Wallet Puts Funds at Risk iBase Trading.
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Bitcoin SV ditched Bitcoin’s multi-signature scheme in favor of its homegrown. Some BSV customers are having issues due to the unsafe design.

When Bitcoin SVb ranched over Bitcoin Cash, it had sacrificed some of its most critical technological characteristics. This is in order to construct a quicker payments-focused network.


The pay-to-script-hash feature is allowing its user to submit their payment. They can do this by authenticating it to a script instead of a public key URL. The programs are providing specific requirements. They should be fulfilling them to be able to reach the bitcoins transferred to them. They are most commonly employed in strong authentication transactions. However, they are requiring approval from multiple parties.

Before introducing P2SH operations in 2012, Bitcoin’s sole activity option was the pay-to-public-key-hash P2PKH feature. In which, they are sending payments to a public key location.

BSV’s homebrewed wallets are hacked

Gregory Maxwell, a Bitcoin Core engineer and previously Blockstream CTO, said on Reddit’s r/bsv that BSV programmers had deleted the P2SH capability from the BSV blockchain’s codebase a long time ago. Researchers on the ElectrumSV wallet modified the functionality with accumulation multisig, a bootleg BSV-specific variant that used P2PKH operations instead.

As per Maxwell, the code’s designers solely examined to verify if multisig operations will function with the precise quantity of personal keys required to submit the transaction. A multisig wallet needs more than one secret key to approve a transaction. Accordingly, they are not verifying the operations.

During his testing, Maxwell discovered two major flaws. First, multisig expenditures fail if more than a minimal quantity of credentials authenticate a deal. Secondly, anybody with very few identities, including such none at all, might access the multisig money.

Aaron Zhou, a BSV client, wasted 600 BSV due to an assault on his multi-signature wallet using this flaw. When they are asking about the loss in a BSV forum, Zhou is saying that it was secure since CoinGeek is promoting them, a pro-BSV multimedia company. Calvin Ayre is backing the company since he is a close personal buddy of BSV founder Craig Wright. In response, a programmer in the conversation admonished Zhou, telling him that he should have only put tiny sums of money into the wallet.

Bitcoins Growth

The issue made Maxwell frustrated. Inspecting or evaluating it could have prevented it. The incident warns that bitcoin growth is fraught with trade-offs and necessitates patience. BSV’s advocates and creators have positioned it as a payments-focused coin with large block sizes and lightning-fast operation speeds. BSV developers choose to remove critical aspects from Bitcoin’s core to accomplish these attributes. As the multisig disaster has shown, it can come at the cost of safety.

One can’t seem to move too quickly and break stuff whenever cash is on the table. They created Bitcoin frequently derided as a sluggish and too-conservative procedure. Yet, it often follows the values of care and accuracy.

Maxwell, a Bitcoin Core engineer, prefers the deliberate method to the haphazard one. According to Maxwell, this problem might have been averted totally if BSV had not pulled out Bitcoin’s professional, time-tested, and peer-reviewed multisig processes. This is in lieu of significantly lesser effective home encryption.

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