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Bitcoin Site to Reduce Noise

Efforts to mine cryptocurrency at DuPont's former Niagara Falls plant have angered some nearby residents.

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Efforts to mine cryptocurrency at DuPont’s former Niagara Falls plant have angered nearby residents. They complained about the noise of powerful fans used to cool the computers to calculate their performance.

Noise of Bitcoin Site

I hear it makes a lot of noise at night, City Council Chairman Kenneth M. Tompkins said accordingly. They say it sounds like an airplane, like a jet motor.


According to an unnamed nearby resident, the computer-generated heat is carried by huge fans that blow gusts of heat across Buffalo Avenue. Mayor Robert M. Restaino said at a mayor’s meeting on Tuesday that US Bitcoin Corp. co-founder and chief operating officer Asher Genoot could keep the company running but would be quieter as long as city regulations were followed. He said he had heard that he could.

He is working on his own to alleviate the sound issues, Restaino said.

We lowered a few of them, Genoot said of the fans. Additionally, Genoot noted that they’d installed sound barriers to dampen the noise over the past few days. Chemical Plant at 2747 Buffalo Ave. It closed in 2016. The last owner, a DuPont subsidiary called Chemours, sold the property in 2747 Buffalo Avenue LLC, owned by local businessman John Williams.

Williams said the cryptocurrency was mined for about three years in the site’s old 25,000-square-foot brick warehouse. Genoot told US Bitcoin leased the site in January.

We spent a good amount of capital cleaning up the location and bringing it up to standard, Genoot said.

But a few weeks ago, American Bitcoin put concrete pads on the roadside and stacked shipping containers full of powerful computers that Williams said. The home page of the US Bitcoin website, which hosts aerial footage of the fall of, states that about 12,000 ASICs – application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) have been deployed at the former chemical plant. The complex calculations use computer chains required to secure cryptocurrency transactions.

They didn’t go through the process with poetry to do that, Williams said. They claim it’s an industrial site, and they think it’s within the framework of the code.

Noise Solution

County Legislative Council Former Chief Municipal Officer Dennis F. Virtuoso said this is an industrial area, but noise ordinances exist. Williams said he visited the site Monday after hearing the complaints, and it was loud. You can hear the fans more than you would get from an industrial operation when you’re on the street.

The maestro called his longtime colleagues from the mayor’s office and discovered that the company had not provided a site plan or environmental impact form. He said the Code Enforcement Department had canceled the revocation order, but Genute later said it was. Restaino confirmed that Bitcoin would continue to work in the US but must submit a site plan for city approval and comply with all other codes.

They didn’t necessarily build new buildings. From my understanding, they put modular buildings on concrete pads, the mayor said.

Restaino said the city did not know about the company’s operations until residents complained about the noise. That got the conversation rolling, he said.


I met the tenants and told the tenants that any regulations had to be consistent with the city. And I met with the city and told the mayor that we would give them whatever cooperation they asked of us as landlords. Williams said to them. If the tenants don’t obey, the tenants have to deal with the consequences.

We’re here to work with the city. We want to revitalize it, Genoot said. We spent well over seven figures on jobs, referring to electrical and construction workers who installed the computer equipment.

Moreover, Williams said the factory directly connects to the area’s power grid, as it was in the DuPont days, and computers powered it.

The DuPont plant was rebuilt many years ago by excavating chemically contaminated soil. The state Department of Environment still designates it as a dormant hazardous waste landfill that requires extensive monitoring, including its groundwater treatment system. DEC inspected the site on November 15, but the DEC’s response to a question from Buffalo News revealed no violations of state regulations.

Indeed, the response says the container is on concrete support and surrounded by rubble. DEC did not find any dust generated during the monitored operation when we visited this site. This is not an air or environmental issue. It is a matter of city ordinance, Williams said.

Finally, Genoot walked the streets talking to residents and businesses and said their response to the project had been overwhelmingly positive. However, he said the company plans to open offices in other US countries. We’re not going to deploy more and more capital unless we have the community’s support, Genoot said.

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