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Bitcoin Inventor Wins $54B Trial

A case involving a computer scientist named Craig Wright began on November 1 that claims to be Bitcoin Inventor. It ended on Monday in a Florida jury trial.

Bitcoin “Inventor” Prevails in $54B Bitcoin Trial iBase Trading.
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A case involving a computer scientist named Craig Wright began on November 1 that claims to be Bitcoin Inventor. It ended on Monday in a Florida jury trial.

Tech Claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin

The tech guru claimed to be the inventor of bitcoin. He also claimed that he deserved half of a bitcoin cache from his estate one-time business partner. As of this writing, the bitcoin that he is claiming to be his own is worth about $54 billion.


Dave Kleiman, who was the former partner and a computer forensics expert, has bygone the half of 1.1 million bitcoins that Wright debated being also his. The Miami jury freed Craig Wright on almost all discussed issues.

W&K Information Defense Research LLC was then awarded by the jury that has a worth of $100 million in intellectual property rights for being regarded as together in the disputation.

With all the information laid, the jurors judged that Wright was not chargeable for a criminal deception intended to acquire a financial, personal gain, or fraud.

Wright stated in a video message that the case is deserving of attention. He now feels free of any responsibility and suspicion. He also noted that the fight was far from done and that more battles would come. Their main goal will be to use cryptocurrency as digital payment, stating that they will ensure that everything changes the way it should be.

The Bitcoin Accusation

Indeed, a disagreement between parties happened in 2016. Wherein Wright claimed that he was the one who hid under the pseudonym Nakamoto, who is the developer of bitcoin.

Wright, by that time, accused of stealing the bitcoin stemming from his business partner, and that destroyed their relationship. According to Kleiman’s family, this information claimed that the two were initially friends and associates before this circumstance.

On the latter part, the jury awarded W&K intellectual property rights with a value of $100 million. W&K and Kleiman’s lawyers have released a statement saying that they are extremely happy with the jury’s formal judgment. They also gave assistance to help Kleiman take back his fair share of what he claims that Dave had helped create.

Wright, an Australian native recently relocated to London in May. He had filed legal action against 16 software developers in an attempt to recover about 111,000 bitcoin that he claimed was his. Recently, the bitcoins he declares as his own value at almost $5.4 billion.

However, Dave Kleiman, Craig Wright’s former partner, passed away in his home in April 2013.

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