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Bitcoin Dropped Back Below $54,000

Bitcoin has fallen below $54,000 several times in the last few days.

Bitcoin Dropped Back Below $54,000 iBase Trading.
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Bitcoin has fallen below $54,000 several times in the last few days.

Since early October, this was the lowest recorded. Bitcoin prices ranged between $53,000 and $55,000 throughout the weekend, surpassing $58,000 on Tuesday morning.


Notable Declines of Bitcoin

Numerous notable declines in the price of Bitcoin over the past few weeks represent a significant drop from the high of $68,000 on November 10. It fell after US President Joe Biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill on November 15. The new law contains various vital provisions that may affect tax implications for cryptocurrency investors.

Even after falling from its most recent all-time high, Bitcoin’s current price is still a big jump from the low of $40,000 seen in September. And many experts still expect the price of Bitcoin to exceed $100,000 in the next year. Shortly after the last all-time high of Bitcoin, Ethereum broke through the $4,850 mark, breaking an all-time high. Ethereum has also experienced distinct gains and losses since its previous high.

The last sharp decline earlier this year comes following the Chinese Central Bank’s ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining, which declared all cryptocurrencies illegal in China in September. Bitcoin price plummeted after breaking above $52,000 in early September, struggling to recover above $50,000 by October. Despite recent daily highs and lows, Bitcoin has risen significantly compared to July, when it fell below $30,000.

Bitcoin’s Rise

Bitcoin broke above $60,000 for the first time in April, highlighting the volatility of the cryptocurrency as more and more people have been interested in participating in the promotion since then. In the weeks between the most recent July lows and recent highs, Bitcoin has steadily risen. These ups and downs are regular as the future of cryptocurrencies could contain much more volatility.

We spoke with investment experts and financial advisors who do not recommend investing most of your portfolio in asset classes for this very reason. They work with their clients to ensure that volatile cryptocurrency investments do not interfere with other financial priorities, such as maintaining an emergency fund and paying off high-interest debt.

Nate Nieri, CFP, Modern Money Management, San Diego, California, said the chances of losing everything are high, but winning big is small. He says, don’t bet on amounts that burden your family that can prevent you from reaching your goals.

What Does This Price Drop Mean for Crypto Investors?

These fluctuations are expected for those who invest in crypto over the long term using a buy-and-hold strategy. According to Humphrey Young, a major recession is not a big deal to worry about, the personal finance expert at Humphrey Talks.

I also went through a cycle in 2017; Yang refers to the crypto collapse in 2017, when many major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, lost a lot of value. She also added that she is aware of its volatility.

Experts recommend that investments in cryptocurrencies should not exceed 5% of your portfolio. According to Bill Noble, chief technical analyst at cryptocurrency analytics platform Token Metrics, if you did, don’t worry about fluctuations as they will continue to fluctuate.

Noble says that volatilities are as old as the world, and they don’t go anywhere. This is something you have to deal with.

As long as your cryptocurrency investment doesn’t interfere with your other financial goals and you only invest what you eventually lose, Ian recommends using the same strategy that applies to all long-term investments. Install and forget.

If you are concerned about this type of extreme downturn, you may be overly reliant on cryptocurrency investments. You should only invest as much as you would typically lose. However, the same advice applies, even if the decline makes you rethink your cryptocurrency allocation. Don’t act recklessly or change your strategy too quickly. Think about what you might be more comfortable with in the future, such as investing less in cryptocurrency or diversifying into cryptocurrency-related stocks and blockchain funds instead of buying it yourself.

Don’t check on it. That’s the best thing you can do. If you influence your emotions too much, you can sell at the wrong time or make bad decisions, Yang says.

What If You’re Interested in Crypto, But Haven’t Yet Invested?

While Young’s approach to cryptocurrencies reflects the traditional philosophy of stock market investing, some experts believe cryptocurrencies are too different from conventional investments to make historical comparisons. This is why Savvy Girl Money’s A’ Sheera Nelson turns away. Nelson invests primarily in low-cost index funds because she says I can see history on that. Due to the novelty of cryptocurrencies and the lack of traceable data, we should be wary of these crazy fluctuations.

Potential investors wishing to buy the flops should understand that volatility is average and should prepare for future volatility. Even if you are investing now, be ready to drop further when the price is relatively low. Again, only invest as much as you are comfortable losing after dealing with other financial priorities like emergency savings and more traditional retirement funds.

What’s Behind the Latest Bitcoin Drop?

Noble says that price fluctuations are part of the game; almost all investors think that price fluctuations are part of the game, but volatility is difficult for individual investors to deal with. Like Yang, he warns against putting up hastily.

Recent price fluctuations follow new regulatory measures by the US government and new cryptography of infrastructure legislation. It doesn’t take long to cause big price fluctuations in a new, untested industry like cryptocurrencies. New short-term investors selling their holdings in response to the recent decline could further increase Bitcoin’s depreciation, according to a report by blockchain analytics firm Glass node Insights.

Fluctuations are expected, but Noble was surprised by the decline earlier this year. I thought the market was maturing, and these things would be less frequent and less severe, he says.

Noble theorizes that this year’s rock bottom was somewhat due to mixtures of elements. One of these is the mediocre coins, prejudices note of Elon Musk to the recent repression of crypto services in China. This combination of factors can lead to sold-out all the more violent, says Noble.

He compares the decline to the 1987 stock market plunge. The market recovered a few months after the stock market plunge in 1987. However, Cryptocurrencies move much faster today than stocks in the 1980s, so Noble says faster rebounds are not visible.

Don’t panic and puke, Noble says. Keeping positions small can try to accommodate volatility, he added.

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